Taragin, the Material Plane

The Material Plane is composed of two large continents and an expansive archipelago, surrounded by a single large ocean. At the edge of the plane, reality simply ends in an impenetrable barrier at the sheath of Void. The sun crosses the sky at the northern edge of the plane, making the northern reaches warmer than the south. Most civilized life is established on the warmer northern continent, especially on two plains: a shortgrass prairie bordering the north coast and a cooler, greener savanna in the southeast. Between the two plains lies a dense jungle and an inland sea. To the west of the southern plains is a long mountain chain, which separates it from a large desert. The desert is bordered also by scrublands in the south, a narrow hill country on the west, and the prairie to the north. The rivers that cross the northern plain flatten out into a large marshland as they near the ocean in the northwest. The southern continent is a large tundra, but rumors persist of a warm central sea somewhere in the far south. East of the two continents spreads a large archipelago, mostly volcanic. It is poorly explored by the people from the continent due to the shallow waters and jagged, stony reefs.

The map of Taragin is not a precise creation, merely a general guide to the relative position of things.

Terrain, Population, and Politics

Southeastern Plain
Spine of Tagarin
Southern Desert
Northeastern Jungle
Northern Plain
Western Marsh
Umber Hills
Eastern Islands

Taragin, the Material Plane

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