Supernatural Nontransparency

The general magic-psionics transparency rule is out for this world. The same is true for any other effects’ transparency rules, such as soulmelds (Magic of Incarnum) or supernatural martial maneuvers (Tome of Battle), should we decide to incorporate them into the campaign.

Therefore, Detect Magic only picks up on effects generated by spells or spell-like abilities. Dispel Psionics cannot remove Mage Armor or suppress a magical Ring of Invisibility. I’m also going to push this one step further, and say that general supernatural abilities are not affected by antimagic or null psionics fields. As a result, a few more spells and powers need to be added. I may also add more other resistance types to some creatures that already have spell resistance or power resistance to cut overpowered Achilles’ Heels.

In general, a spell or power that works on any kind of supernatural effect is two levels higher than the base spell or power. I may consider adjusting this slightly for partial- or limited-casting classes like bards and rangers. Caster or manifester levels are considered two lower for these effects. This does not include effects that normally work on a different type of effect. For example:

  • A wizard can learn Dispel Supernatural Abilities as a 5th level spell. It would have the potential to remove or suppress any psionic, magical, or similar effect from its target. The dispel check would be 1d20 + (caster level – 2, maximum +10). In all other ways, the spell works exactly as Dispel Magic. (Despite the name I gave it, it does not actually affect supernatural abilities, as those cannot be dispelled normally.)
  • A kineticist can learn the power Null Supernatural Field as an 8th level power, with the appropriate power point cost of 15. It would suppress any kind of supernatural, psionic, magical, incarnate, etc. effects. It otherwise works as a Null Psionic Field.
  • A cleric cannot learn a variation of Dweomer of Transference that allows her to use anything but spells to empower a psionic ally, even if she also has a power point or essentia pool, without doing the process to research and develop a wholly new spell.

Supernatural Nontransparency

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