Prestige Abilities Table

Using a prestige ability in combat is an immediate action. Abilities that effect roll results must be used before those results are known. Abilities generally last until the beginning of the character’s next turn. See the main Prestige Points page for more details on their use.

Round Abilities1
Ability Description Cost
+1 to attack and damage rolls 1
+1 to AC and saving throws 1
+1 to save DCs and spell resistance rolls 1
+2 checks with one skill 1
Increase the duration of a class ability by one unit 2
Increase the range of a class ability by 5 feet 2
Gain an extra attack at your highest bonus 6
Double the bonus provided by an ability2 +2
Triple the bonus provided by an ability2 +5
Encounter Abilities1
Ability Description Cost
Negate a critical hit 1
Confirm a critical threat 2
Stabilize from dying 2
Reroll the dice3 2
+10 feet to base speed 2
Replace a prepared spell4 2
Temporarily gain knowledge of a spell4 2
Temporarily gain knowledge of a feat4 2
+10 to initiative roll 2
Act during a surprise round 3
Permanent Abilities
Ability Description Burn
Permanent +1 bonus on a skill 2
Reroll HP when leveling 2
Survive a fatal blow (down to 0 HP) 3
Learn a new feat4 8
Learn a new spell4 8
Raise an ability score by 1
New total up to 10 2
New total 11-13 4
New total 14-16 6
New total 17-19 8
New total 20-22 10
Gain a level (1000 xp * current level) 20

1 By burning one point, a player can use a second ability in a single round, or reuse a given encounter ability already performed in the encounter.

2 This is not a separate use of an ability; it modifies another ability.

3 This can be used multiple times per encounter. Each time, it must apply to a different type of roll. (attack, damage, save, skill, etc.)

4 The new spell or feat must be one which you could legally use or gain under normal circumstances.

Prestige Abilities Table

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