Northeastern Jungle


Temperate forest starts and the edge of the southern plains, stretching from the east coast along most of the inland sea. Shifts to true jungle further north, transitioning through marshy land near the sea. Crossed by a few sizable rivers.


The entire region is rich with Fey. Centaurs inhabit the eastern peninsula, and can be found in smaller numbers the sea, both north and south. Wild Elves and Jungle Gnomes live on and near the rivers in the jungle. Yuan-Ti have a sizeable empire in the marshier regions. A few Xeph settlements lie in more isolated areas near the mountains. Orcs, Goblins, and other savage races roam throughout in small numbers, growing more savage further north.


The Elves and Gnomes get along well, often even sharing settlements. The Yuan-Ti are unfriendly but mostly keep to themselves. Centaurs deal with other races as little as possible, but can grow quite fond of individuals. The Xeph are much the same as in the mountains, friendly but aloof. Fey are Fey – spontaneous, troublesome, capricious, but rarely malicious.


Northeastern Jungle

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