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Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 3]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 20]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 14]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 8]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 17]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 19]
Æthelmyr: [1d20 = 3]
dublish (Æthelmyr): I rolled all the 20s so I win.
[3d6 = 13]
[3d6 = 11]
Denzil: [20d20 = 183]
[3d6 = 10]
[3d6 = 11]
[3d6 = 8]
Denzil: [3d6 = 10]
[3d6 = 13]
[3d6 = 11]
Denzil: [4d6 = 21]
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Æthelmyr: I put on my robe and wizard hat.
Keah (Eilir): Æthelmyr isn’t a wizard!
Keah (Eilir): we have plenty of wizard.
Last time on… The Legs of Lolth:
The party left their new house with their new wagon and new bard. They decided to kill a herd of rampaging rhinoceri, then flay them for profit.
dublish (Æthelmyr): So much profit.
[1d100 = 49]
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They later arrived in Parnath, where they went looking for a Kordic cult. They had no luck finding these people yet, so they went shopping and went back to their sketchy inn.
DM: So, what’s next?
Keah (Eilir): We should ask around at the sketchy inn. There are always people who know things at these places.
David (Bo-Taar): yeah
Æthelmyr: If we make trouble and the guards come to stop us, maybe some Kordic people will come help us.
Æthelmyr: Let’s start a riot in the religious district.
Denzil: No.
Bo-Taar: Or the guards might just kick us out without giving us our stuff back…
Eilir: Yeah, I’d rather not start a riot.
Æthelmyr: Anyone have a better idea?
Eilir: Why would the Kordic temple come to our aid anyway?
Æthelmyr pouts.
Bo-Taar: Is there a boxing or westling arena nearby? They might be watching that
Denzil: Let’s talk to a guard. There’s got to be one that will help us a little.
Eilir: I think people in general here will be less than helpful, let alone the guards. I like Bo-Taar’s idea.
dublish (Æthelmyr): 27 for taking 20 on Gather Information plus skill ranks, mods, prestige points.
DM: Aethelmyr decides to spend the afternoon hunting down rumors about the Kordic cult. She returns from her mission with a few specific locations where they can probably be found.
Æthelmyr: I have news!
Bo-Taar: Good news?
Æthelmyr: I have discovered a few specific locations where the Kordites can probably be found!
Eilir: Great. What are our choices?
Æthelmyr: That’s an excellent question!
Æthelmyr lists all the locations she has discovered.
Denzil: That’s great!
Denzil: Let’s start at the top of the list!
DSM (Avaril the Average): I guess I should show back up to the party at some point soon?
dublish (Æthelmyr): You should, it took all afternoon to get this information.
DM: The leaders are believed to hang around an underground arena that is located at the boundary between a district that is mostly warehouses and the district with the high-class workshops they supply.
Keah (Eilir): Sounds seedy. Let’s go.
Avaril the Average staggers into the inn.
Avaril the Average: Hello all. Hello.
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Denzil: Hello Avaril. Did you enjoy yourself?
Avaril the Average: I think so I believe.
DM: By the time Aethelmyr and Avaril turn back up, supper is being served at the inn. It doesn’t sound like anything much will be happening at the Kordic arena until later in the night, so you decide to claim a back corner and sit down to eat.
Æthelmyr: So they only meet at night, and I’m hungry. Let’s eat!
Bo-Taar: Food sounds good
Denzil: I agree. Trail rations become monotonous after a while.
DM: While you’re dining, something out of your line of sight causes a noisy disruption. Moments later, everyone else in the room is silent except for one very drunken man, who is loudly and crudely hitting on a woman who entered a few moments ago.
DM: The man is in the middle of a sentence when the woman throws a bolt of dark energy into his chest, then shoves him to the ground.
Denzil: Oh my!
Bo-Taar: Avaril, are you ok?
dublish (Denzil): Nice.
DM: She glares at the other men around her, and a few moments later everyone goes back to their own conversations.
Avaril the Average: I’m right here Bo-Taar.
Avaril the Average: But I suppose that’s an opening.
Eilir: Here comes trouble.
DM: The woman comes over to your corner. She’s almost at your table before the dim lighting gives you a good look at her face – it’s Isadora.
Eilir: See? I told you.
Æthelmyr: Oh hey! I remember you!
Isadora: You lot have caused me no end of trouble.
Eilir: We found something we’re good at.
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DSM (Avaril the Average): Yay.
DSM (Avaril the Average): Dicks.
DSM (Avaril the Average): Yay.
Denzil: We discovered your connection with the Dark Prince Graz’zt. We’ll keep causing you trouble as long as you associate with the likes of him.
Isadora: Will you? My patron is the only reason I am here now, instead of having you killed in your sleep.
Isadora: For such a self-righteous group as you are, the demon lords sure like you a lot.
Eilir: Someone tried that before, and it didn’t work.
Æthelmyr: You seem awfully full of yourself.
Isadora: That someone didn’t own the inn you were staying at.
Æthelmyr: Didn’t we fight you off on the other side of the mountains somewhere?
Æthelmyr: Wait, you own this placE?
Xenia: of all the inns in all the world…
Denzil: No wonder it’s subpar.
Æthelmyr: Excuse me.
Æthelmyr: Hiccups.
Æthelmyr: Ahem.
Æthelmyr: Wouldn’t it be better for business if you opened your inn outside the religious district?
Æthelmyr: I bet you could charge people loads more.
Æthelmyr: Scratch that.
Isadora: If it were up to me, you’d all be rotting corpses in the sewer come morning, but my patron has ordered me to help you.
David (Bo-Taar): o rly?
Bo-Taar: Why is that?
Isadora: So, tell me what you’re after so I can get you out of my town and be done with you and this Drow mess you’ve brought into my business.
Isadora: Hell if I know. Everyone wants you all, but no one will tell me why. So first, you give me some answers. Then I get you what you need. Then you get out of my life.
Avaril the Average: Ask your questions.
Avaril the Average: We’ll answer if we feel generous. If not oh well farewell.
Æthelmyr: Why should we help you help us if a demon lord is the one who wants the helping to happen?
Isadora: What sort of gods-foresaken feud do you have with the Drow? All the powers are taking sides. I don’t like being left in the dark.
Eilir: You don’t trust your great master?
Isadora (sneering): Would you?
Eilir: Hardly.
Denzil: We’re trying to stop the Drow from destroying the world. I’m surprised you don’t know that already.
Avaril the Average: We hate Drow.
Avaril the Average: You don’t hate Drow?
Isadora: You and every other band of adventurers on the plane.
Æthelmyr: She’s got a point there.
Isadora: I had no problem with Drow until they started harrassing my operation trying to get information about you.
Eilir: I think it’s your fault for getting involved with us in the first place. You can’t hand off all the blame here.
Avaril the Average: Then fight them off and kill them. You serve a demon lord, surely they’re more powerful than some weak little black elves.
Avaril the Average: If only you were more powerful. Hell, well even got away from your wretched hands.
Isadora: My people have killed more of them than you have, wizard.
Isadora: Now, do you want my help, or not?
Eilir: What do you know of the followers of Kord?
Isadora: They like to tempt fate, but they’ve got a pretty good organization going.
Eilir: Any specifics? Leaders, prominent holy men?
Avaril the Average: What help are you offering us? What help COULD you offer us? The power of being horribly inept and incapable?
Æthelmyr: They’re organized? I thought they sounded like a bunch of hooligans.
Avaril the Average reclines his chair and puts his feet on the table.
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Isadora: The church doesn’t like to associate with the likes of me very much, but I know who’s in charge. But you still haven’t told me why you’re here.
Denzil: We’re looking for a magical staff that will help us defeat the Drow. That’s all.
Isadora: And the cult has it?
Æthelmyr: We don’t know. We’re pretty sure they’ll help us find it if they don’t.
Avaril the Average: You still haven’t told us how you’ll help.
Denzil: So do you know anything or not?
Isadora: If all you need is to find this cult, then I’m wasting my time. The wyrmling already made sure everyone in town knows you’re looking for them. Even if that’s all she managed to do, they’ll find you at some point.
Æthelmyr: What? No way!
Æthelmyr: I was super discreet, I promise!
Æthelmyr: You really think they’ll come to us? That would really save time.
Isadora: You spent the entire day asking the same question to everyone who’d listen, and you think no one would notice?
Æthelmyr: The city guards won’t interfere wiill they?
Isadora: First they’d have to care. If it doesn’t disrupt the nobles or the trade, they don’t get paid enough to care.
Æthelmyr: Well alright then.
Avaril the Average: What assistance are you offering? If it’s just the chide us be off. Or bring me more ale.
Bo-Taar: Well, if they’ll be contacting us soon, we’d just like to eat our breakfast in peace, if thats ok with you

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Guard Captain: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: nonlethal] [1d8+1 = 2]
DM: [6d6 = 16]
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Guard Fighter: [ABILITY] Intelligence check [1d20 = 19]
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Æthelmyr: Am I Denzil again?
dublish (Æthelmyr): Am I Denzil again?
Keah (Eilir): denzil got bored and decided to go home.
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ElectricCaveman: I’ll be ready to start momentarily.
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DSM (Avaril the Average): Skype when you are. I’ll hear that since I’ll be browsing the internet.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Let’s get started!
DM: So, last time, you were arguing with Isadora at the inn, before my brain self-destructed.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Right.
DSM (Avaril the Average): And we’re more awesome than her.
DM: She had offered you assistance, because Grazzt told her to, and she kept asking questions about what you were doing.
DM: You all were basically just harrassing her.
Keah (Eilir): Because we don’t like her.
dublish (Denzil): And Denzil said we’re hoping that the Kordites can help us find an artifact that will help defeat the drow.
DSM (Avaril the Average): And she liked that because she doesn’t like the Drow.
Isadora: You want to give me shit, and you don’t even know what you’re here looking for? Either you’re lying through your teeth, or you’re hopelessly incompetent. And you’re not that good of liars.
Æthelmyr: I am an excellent liar!
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 12]
Avaril the Average: I’m not attempting to lie, I’m attempting to get you to serve me.
Denzil: You should just make an offer, if you have one. You came to us.
Isadora: Shove it, wizard. If you figure out what you need, leave a note with the barkeep. Don’t bother trying to get it done without me. I’ll make sure no one else will deal with you. I’m going to find out what sort of shit you’ve dragged me into, one way or another.
Isadora: It won’t even be hard. In this town, even in the black market you’re bigger freaks than I am.
Avaril the Average: I’m not. Now bring me ale.
Isadora spits in Avaril’s food and strides away.
Denzil: Well.
Avaril the Average: I’ve eaten worse.
Denzil: I don’t like that she just happens to be in this city where we’re supposed to find a Leg.
Bo-Taar: It smells fishy
Avaril the Average: I don’t like her service. She’s bad at it.
Avaril the Average: This meal is going to be free mind you. What proper owner spits in a guest’s food?
Denzil: If her demon friend has been keeping an eye on us, I wonder who else knows where we are.
Denzil: Unless she just happened to be here by coincidence.
Avaril the Average: So she said she’s the only one who can help. Who else should we ask?
Eilir: She mentioned a black market. Don’t people there usually have information on rare and dangerous people and things?
Avaril the Average: She also said everyone here will stick out so I guess it’s up to you and Eilir.
Æthelmyr: If the information was just out there, I’m sure I’d have found something by now.
Avaril the Average: Get it? It’s a play on words.
Avaril the Average: You and EILIR.
Eilir: So you’re saying I should go by myself?
Æthelmyr: Let’s not do that. So does anybody have any other ideas except checking that warehouse district?
Bo-Taar: Not really
DM: You wait around for a bit, before heading out to find the purported Kordic hideout.
DM: You got a lot of stares before, but now that you’re out at dusk, they’re downright nasty.
DM: Those who don’t cross the street or duck in a door to get away from your group look like they’re considering how best to slit your throats.
Denzil: Stay cool, we don’t need to start anything yet.
Bo-Taar: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+2 = 5]
Avaril the Average: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+7 = 9]
Xenia: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+4 = 5]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+10 = 11]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+10 = 25]
Denzil: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+10 = 14]
Eilir: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+1 = 18]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Listen [1d20+6 = 18]
DM: The only person who approaches you on your trip is a young boy, who you catch trying to pickpocket Xenia as you’re making your way through the warehouses.
Æthelmyr: Learn how to sleight-of-hand, you little brat! You’re a disgrace to thieves everywhere!
Pick-pocket: Than how did I get this off you this afternoon?
Xenia: What she means is, stealing is wrong!
Avaril the Average: We should kill him.
Pick-pocket holds up the obsidian pendant Aethelmyr usually wears around her neck.
Æthelmyr: Oh you little bastard!
Æthelmyr: Give me that!
Pick-pocket: Here. Just making a point.
Æthelmyr snatches her pendant back.
Avaril the Average: If we kill you, you won’t ever steal again. We’ll be making the world safer.
Pick-pocket: takes off his floppy hat, breaking his disguise and revealing himself to be a full-grown Halfling man.
Pick-pocket takes off his floppy hat, breaking his disguise and revealing himself to be a full-grown Halfling man.
Avaril the Average: Oh. How… Quaint. Now I’ll feel less guilt about running you through.
Corvel: You may call me Corvel. I believe you’re looking for me.
Bo-Taar: Are we now?
Corvel: Perhaps. Or perhaps merely what I have hidden.
Denzil: Are you going to make us hunt for it?
Corvel: Maybe. Or I might just make you get it.
Bo-Taar: Get what?
Æthelmyr: Well, that’s good, if we’re talking about the same thing, then we would like to get it, and quickly.
Corvel: That’s great. You’ll need it. I’d give it to you, but I don’t have it.
Denzil: Wonderful.
Avaril the Average: Then maybe you could tell us how we get it. In once, nice, succinct little statement instead of these half dozen riddles you’ve been posing using no more than eight syllables a piece.
Corvel: No problem. I gave it to the Councils.
Corvel: You’ll just have to go get it back.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Knowledge (local) [MOD:INT] [1d20+10 = 23]
Æthelmyr: You gave the leg to a bunch of merchants? Are you sure they still have it?
Corvel: Of course they do. They never actually knew they received it, you see.
Denzil: That’s… good? Do you know where it actually is?
Corvel: Sure. I just put it in the Vault for them. Save them the bother of deciding what to do with it.
Eilir: Wait, so we’re going to have to rob someone!?
Denzil: Where’s this Vault?
Corvel: No. You’ll have to rob everyone.
Corvel: It’s under the old palace.
Æthelmyr: You’ve got my attention.
Corvel: But that’s all I’m telling you about it. If I’m going to trust you with the Leg, you need to figure out the rest on your own.
Æthelmyr: Oh, joy.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Knowledge (geography) [MOD:INT] [1d20+9 = 18]
Corvel (grinning): What? You know where it is, and you have my blessing to take it. What more would you want?
Avaril the Average: Assistance. To kill you. A nice hot breakfast. To kill the tavern owner. Wealth. Power. The Drow dead. Peace and quiet.
Æthelmyr: Well, if you hadn’t put it in a vault, that would have been nice.
Corvel: You’ve gotten this far without destroying more than one village, I’m sure you’ll do fine.
Æthelmyr: Alright.
Bo-Taar: Wait, how do we know we can trust you?
Corvel: Can you?
Corvel winks and darts away.
Avaril the Average takes aim.
Avaril the Average shoots him with an invisible crossbow.
DM: So, now what?
Æthelmyr: Let’s stake out this palace and its vault. This is going to be tricky, I think.
Eilir: We need to find a way to get under the palace, according to what he said.
Denzil: Sewer systems maybe?
Eilir: We should also be aware that everyone will be extra suspicious of us, except for Avaril, and I don’t trust him to sneak around and actually accomplish anything.
Avaril the Average: Good, because I’m not going into the sewers alone.
Æthelmyr: Disguise everyone as human! That should work, right?
Avaril the Average: Nor without something I can afford to get sewery.
Avaril the Average: So we need to go shopping for disposible clothing.
Avaril the Average: Eilir, be my color guide. You’re a woman I think.
Eilir: Brown.
Avaril the Average: Are you kidding?
Avaril the Average: There’s no reason to NOT look fantastic regardless of what horrendous actions you’re undergoing.
Avaril the Average: Such as sneaking through the sewers to find some well-hidden bullshit.
Denzil: We don’t even know if there are any sewers that go near the vault.
Avaril the Average: Someone said ‘sewers’.
Denzil: Let’s investigate this place before we start making plans to get in.
Eilir: Would the Kordites know? They meet up underground, right?
Æthelmyr: Maybe we could get the Kordites to serve as a distraction, draw away guards or something.
Avaril the Average: Maybe you can serve as a distraction. Have you seen yourself?
Æthelmyr heads to the palace to see what she can see.
Denzil tags along.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+10 = 15]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Listen [1d20+6 = 7]
Denzil: [SKILL] Spot [1d20+10 = 12]
Denzil: [SKILL] Listen [1d20+9 = 25]
DM: You wander through the city streets in the rapidly deepening darkness, but find youselves on lantern-lit avenues soon enough as you enter the nicer parts of the city.
Denzil: Nice neighborhood. We are in the wrong line of work.
DM: As your surroundings improve, so does the guards’ visible presence.
Æthelmyr makes sure not to wave at the guards, because drawing attention to herself would probably be bad.
DM: They glare at you warily, but none of them stop you outright. You eventually reach a walled-in estate with the largest, finest residence you’ve seen in the city. There are guards stationed at the gate, and you see more patroling around.
Æthelmyr: Hmm.
Eilir: Guess someone still lives here.
Keah (Eilir): matt, you’re all garbled and i don’t understand anything you’re saying.
Æthelmyr: First, kill all the guards.
Denzil: No.
dublish (Denzil): How many guards are patrolling, and could we remove one without the rest noticing?
Keah (Eilir): this isn’t payday.
DSM (Avaril the Average): Bullshit.
DM: There are three guards positioned at the gate, and at least two other groups of three have made their way past as you’ve been loitering.
dublish (Denzil): Damn.
dublish (Denzil): Do the guards at the gate interact with the ones patrolling?
DM: They’ve made a little idle chit-chat on their way by. You’ve also seen one functionary or courier of ome sort leave. The guards greeted them, too, obviously familiar with the man.
dublish (Denzil): So no replacing the guards with simple illusions.
Denzil: We could pose as couriers maybe.
Æthelmyr: Or just cast invisibility on us, then go over the wall.
DM: The longer you hang around, the more often you notice the guards at the gate staring in your direction and standing a little more deliberately at attention.
Denzil: Uh, let’s leave.
Denzil: Or hide.
Eilir: We’re just looking at the scenery.
Æthelmyr finds a more discreet location in which to loiter.
DM: When a patrol comes by the gate again, the guards there point out your group. The patrol heads your way.
Denzil: Stay cool.
Denzil: We’re just tourists here for the sights.
Guard: Hey! Quit loitering! Move along!
Denzil: Yes sir, right away sir.
Æthelmyr: Now what?
Æthelmyr: We walk away, out of sight of the guards.
Denzil: Does this city have some kind of archive, or library, where we could find information on any way to reach the vault by going underground?
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Knowledge (local) [MOD:INT] [1d20+10 = 21]
DM: There are libraries and stuff.
Denzil: To the libraries and stuff!
Eilir: I don’t know that they’ll be open this late, but it’s worth a try.
Æthelmyr: Let’s rob the libraries, then we’ll rob the vault.
Eilir: Why rob libraries? The books are free to look through anyway.
Æthelmyr: Only if they’re open.
Æthelmyr goes to a library.
Bo-Taar: Maybe we could recruit Corvel to help us, he seemed sneaky enough
DM: Make a Gather Information check to find a library.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Gather Information [1d20+5 = 8]
Æthelmyr: Well.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Gather Information [1d20+5 = 10]
Denzil: [SKILL] Gather Information [1d20+6 = 14]
Xenia: [SKILL] Gather Information [1d20+4 = 11]
Eilir: [SKILL] Gather Information [1d20+1 = 18]
DM: After several people blowing you off, laughing at you, or cursing at you, you manage to find someone out this late who tells you where the nearest one is located.
Denzil goes to a library.
DM: The library is all locked up.
Æthelmyr: Let’s break in.
Eilir: Let’s come back tomorrow.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Open Lock [1d20+6 = 17]
Æthelmyr tries to break in.
DM: Aethelmyr fails.
Denzil: Stop, wait, what if somebody sees you.
Æthelmyr: Can’t break the lock, let’s come back tomorrow.
Æthelmyr: We wait until tomorrow.
Eilir: and hope isadora doesn’t try to kill us in our sleep.
Denzil: We set a watch all night long.
Avaril the Average: Taking overnight rest.
Eilir: Taking overnight rest.
Æthelmyr: Taking overnight rest.
Denzil: Taking overnight rest.
Xenia: Taking overnight rest.
Bo-Taar: Taking overnight rest.
Denzil: To the library!
DM: You get back to the library, and this time it is not locked.
DM: Inside, the librarian is sitting at a desk near the door pouring over a book. A few other people are wandering around or sitting at tables reading and writing.
DM: The librarian looks up when he hears you enter, and nearly panics at seeing your group.
Æthelmyr: [CAST] Charm Person
Æthelmyr: Charm Person
Æthelmyr: Help us, please!
ElectricCaveman: 5 [1d205 = 24]
Librarian: What? No! Don’t cast at me! What do you want?
Denzil: We’re looking for maps of the city.
Eilir: Old records, things like that.
Librarian: Go look, then! Just don’t damage anything.
Æthelmyr: Alright, and where are those located?
Eilir (whispers): Keep those wings tucked in tight, Æthelmyr.
Librarian gestures toward one corner and half way tries to hide under his desk.
Denzil: Excellent! Thank you!
Denzil investigates the maps.
DM: There are lots of maps of the surrounding area, both geographical and political. There are considerably fewer maps of the city itself, and those are mostly historical. You don’t find anything with the sort of municipal details you’re seeking.
Æthelmyr: Hmmm.
Keah (Eilir): Any record books that might be useful?
Æthelmyr returns to the librarian.
DM: There are histories and the like, and lots of personal records and accounts of things, but nothing official.
Keah (Eilir): That means the stuff we’re looking for is probably with the guards or someone important who is guarded.
DM: While you were studying, the library pretty much emptied out, save for the librarian. A trio of guards has since entered, and are waiting patiently with the librarian, but not taking their eyes off you.
Æthelmyr: Probably not much chance of convincing them that we don’t want to cause trouble.
Æthelmyr: I’ll go talk to them.
Æthelmyr: Just in case.
Bo-Taar: Perhaps a human should go
Denzil: We’ve only got one of those, and I don’t think Avaril will defuse the situation.
Æthelmyr: Mr. Librarian, we’re not finding what we’re looking for. Do you have an index that might help us?
Guard: Did you threaten this man?
Æthelmyr: What? No.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 31]
ElectricCaveman: [1d20 = 5]
Guard: Did you not attempt to bespell the librarian and make demands that he aid you?
Eilir: She has this mental issue where she has a breakdown if people don’t accept her. This city’s been really hard, and she got a little carried away. But no harm was done.
Avaril the Average: She’s also an idiot.
Avaril the Average: You can tell by looking at her.
Avaril the Average: Look.
Avaril the Average gestures.
Æthelmyr: I was just casting Comprehend Languages. That didn’t work, so I had to cast Tongues on myself, which is a MUCH more difficult spell to cast. Why do you guys have to be all super suspicious?
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 17]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 23]
Guard: And what do you want with city records and maps?
Avaril the Average: See? An idiot.
Eilir: Research.
Æthelmyr: We work for a company that’s been contracted by the city to do repair work on roads, so we’re looking for infrastructure records.
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 26]
Æthelmyr: There’s not anything wrong with that, is there?
Avaril the Average: See? An idiot.
Guard: There is when you obviously don’t know where they’re kept.
Avaril the Average: We’ve unfortunately been tasked with taking care of her and keeping her from hurting herself.
Æthelmyr: Well then enlighten us. I asked the librarian for help, but he just freaked out.
Xenia: Ahem. Well, someone has clearly sent us on a merry chase, looking for these records. hah. Hah. You know government beaurocracy! We’ll just be on our way, if you could direct us?
Xenia: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+2 = 21]
Æthelmyr: [SKILL] Bluff [1d20+11 = 26]
ElectricCaveman: [1d20 = 3]
Bo-Taar: Is it a crime to do research in a library?
Guard: All official municipal records are kept in the palace library. Your employer will have a pass. I’ll be needing their name before you go.
Keah (Eilir): I’m super tempted to say Ashely Quick.
Avaril the Average: Corvel.
Guard: It’s a crime to coerce by threat or magic a citizen into aiding you with potentially illicit activities.
Guard (sneering): Does Corvel have a last name, brat?
Avaril the Average: He never gave it to us. He was a halfling in the slums.
Avaril the Average: He seemed shifty but he was going to pay us ten thousand gold.
Guard: Smart off one more time, boy, and I’ll let you cool your heels in a cell for a few weeks.
Avaril the Average: I’m telling you the truth. Whether or not he actually HAD need or a job or even the money is questionable and I feel as though we’ve been the victims of a cruel prank.
Avaril the Average: He simply said there would be civic information here and we had to smuggle it out of the building, that’s all.
Guard: Get out of here. Don’t let us catch you around here again, or anywhere near the palace, you alien punks.
Avaril the Average: I’m human.
Xenia: Yes sir. Right away sir.
Denzil: Yes sir, right away sir.
Bo-Taar: Yessir
Xenia: Grabs the two nearest hands and heads for the door.
Eilir: But i still had something I wanted to look up…
Æthelmyr: We all leave.
Xenia Once outside and away from guards, xenia says
Xenia: Lets ask Slaver Lady for a palace pass. I feel like she might have the connections to get us a forged pass.
Eilir: That… is actually a pretty good idea.
Xenia: Also, I think we might need disguises
Xenia: construction worker uniforms or something
Æthelmyr: I can do disguises.
Xenia Writes out a note for Isadora, asking for a palace pass, as full access as possible, a disguise kit…
Xenia: Anything else?
Æthelmyr: I think that’s it.
Æthelmyr: Bribe money, if she has any.
DM: What next, or do you just wait?
Keah (Eilir): I vote wait.
David (Bo-Taar): sure, wait
DM: You don’t hear anything until evening, after dinner.
DM: As you’re settling in for the night, Isadora comes barging into your room.
Æthelmyr: Hello!
DM: She strides into the middle of the room and tosses a smallish wooden box on one bed.
Avaril the Average: I wasn’t aware you also ran a brothel. I suppose I’ll take firsts then.
Avaril the Average: Whore.
Denzil: takes the box.
Denzil takes the box.
Isadora: You couldn’t afford me, but I’ve got some boys who aren’t very good yet, maybe I’d let you use them cheap.
Æthelmyr: Ha!
Æthelmyr: She got you good.
Avaril the Average: Did she?
Isadora: What do you need in the palace?
Eilir: Remember when we said we’re trying to stop the Drow from destroying the world?
Xenia: And thats all you need to know.
Isadora: I need to know if you need to be official, or just be inside. And if you’re documented, what you need to have access to.
Eilir: The Vault.
Isadora: Ha! You might as well leave town now.
Denzil: Not going to happen.
Xenia: Then, as close to the vault as we can be.
Eilir: You don’t even have anything that can get us close? Because if we don’t get in there, the Drow will, and that will be trouble for everyone.
Isadora: I can get you into the palace with a forgery or a bribe, but the Vault requires council escort, and I don’t have that kind of pull yet.
Eilir: Know anyone who does?
Denzil: How would the council escort open the Vault?
Isadora: Nobody. Even if someone had material on a councilor good enough to get that kind of influence, letting something go missing from the Vault on their watch would be worse for them.
Eilir: But they don’t even know it’s in there.
Isadora (wryly): I don’t know, maybe with a key?
Eilir: Or so we’re told.
Æthelmyr: So we kidnap a councillor, take their key, and we’re good.
Isadora: They don’t? Interesting.
Eilir: It’s dangerous, planted in their vault, and we’re here to remove it.
Avaril the Average: I think I’d like to rent a room here pemanently.
Isadora: If they don’t know it’s there, ask whoever planted it. The Vault is the pride of the councils. It’s probably the most secure place in the world. There are rumors about people breaking in and back out, but not many, and that’s all they are, unless you actually find what you’re looking for.
Eilir: We were told we wouldn’t get any more information from the perpetrator. So here we are.
Isadora: I can get you into the palace, but to get down to the vault, you’d be on your own.
Avaril the Average: Do you know a Corvel?
Avaril the Average: He’s the halfling who told us to break in.
Isadora: I don’t recognize the name.
Avaril the Average: Would you like a halfling slave?
Eilir: No, Avaril.
Avaril the Average: I think we could get him to come somewhere with us and then you could capture him.
Avaril the Average: It’s more than enough payment don’t you think?
Isadora: I have enough slaves. This one sounds like too much trouble.
Avaril the Average: Then what if you helped us kill him? He stole from us.
Eilir: Let’s just have Isadora get us into the palace and find some other way into the vault.
Eilir: It’s a start.
Isadora: Take care of your own vendettas.
Avaril the Average: You’re no help.
Avaril the Average: Just some whore who won’t even do her job.
Æthelmyr: We’ll have to get into the palace and then worry about the vault.
Bo-Taar: It still doesn’t sound easy
Æthelmyr: Not the best situation, I agree.
Isadora: If you’re breaking in anyway, I’m not inclined to waste a good forgery on you. And it will take a fucking perfect one to get you all in. But if you want to buy one, I’ll get it arranged.
Eilir: Can you get us into the records library?
Isadora: Of course.
Avaril the Average: And will you guarantee it will work?
Avaril the Average: We have no use for something that will get us killed.
Eilir: Our original thought was to find another way into the vault from underground if possible anyway.
Isadora: I’ll spare you the time. There’s not.
Eilir: It would still be useful to know the layout of the place.
Avaril the Average: If you were in our position how would YOU go about this?
Avaril the Average: You seem a seedy, shitty person.
Eilir: She wouldn’t. That’s what I’ve garnered from her reaction.
Isadora: I doubt you’ll find anything about the vault anywhere with public access, but I’ll get you a pass. All six of you?
Æthelmyr: Yep.
Eilir: I thinkthat might attract too much attention.
Bo-Taar: I agree
Eilir: Bo-taar and Æthelmyr are particularly conspicuous.
Æthelmyr: Alright, we can make some people invisible.
Æthelmyr: How many?
Avaril the Average: We already have too much attention, more can’t hurt.
Avaril the Average: Six.
Eilir: I don’t think that will go over well either. What if they have some sort of contingency in place for magic?
Eilir: If we had a strong enough spell, we could just port into the vault or something if that weren’t the case.
Isadora: You know you’re not the only people in the world who use magic, right?
Isadora: The supernatural security around the palace is obscene. You’re not powerful enough to magic your way through without getting caught.
Isadora: Fucking amateurs…
Eilir: Well, that goes back to Avaril’s question. How would you do it?
Æthelmyr: Will invisibility at least get us in the front gate?
Bo-Taar: So we just send in 2 people
Isadora: I’d hire someone else to take care of it. Or storm the place with demons and raze it to the ground. It would probably be easier than sneaking.
Eilir: Well, we probably can’t afford hiring anyone, and demons and razing are out of the question.
Isadora: Actually, a demon might be able to help with a councillor. I could arrange a pact for you.
Eilir: What would that entail on our end?
Isadora: That depends on how much my lord really wants you.
Isadora: One thing I can say for sure, it would hurt.
Isadora pulls her top down to reveal one shoulder and upper arm, covered in intricate scars from cuts, burns, and magic.
Eilir: That looks incredibly unpleasant.
Isadora (chuckling): Oh, it is.
Eilir: And I’m sure there’s more catch than just physical pain.
Avaril the Average: Was it worth it? What’d you even get out of that?
Isadora: Power. Influence. Access. Unpayable debts.
Isadora: Some of those are your fault. You made me important. I hadn’t prepared for that kind of attention yet.
Eilir: I still don’t see how you can blame that on us. You attacked us first.
Eilir: You involved yourself.
Avaril the Average: Well that’s what you get for signing a binding pact with evil demon things.
Denzil: Yeah, I’ll pass on that.
Isadora: Sure? You’d only need one service. You might even fulfill your side of the deal in this lifetime.
Bo-Taar: No thanks
Avaril the Average: Will you become my eternal slave subject to my every whim?
Isadora: Sorry, the Prince already claimed that privilege.
Avaril the Average: Why not give me a taste then? Whore.
Avaril the Average leaves the room to go do stuff that isn’t this.
Keah (Eilir): can’t understand you.
Isadora: If that’s all, I’ll arrange for forged passes.
Æthelmyr: Yes, I think that will be it.
Isadora strides back out of the room.
Denzil: So here’s the disguise kit, I guess.
Avaril the Average pats her ass as she walks by.
Avaril the Average: See you later!
Isadora: I’ll be adding that to your bill.
DM: Isadora leaves.
Bo-Taar: So what is the plan? Who are we going to send?
Eilir: Avaril and Xenia
Avaril the Average: Uh, no.
Avaril the Average: Myself, you, and Aethelmyr.
Avaril the Average: Two thiefs and a powerful mage.
Æthelmyr: Alright. So we get the pass, send in our infiltrators, we need a councillor’s key to get into the vault, and that should do us.
Eilir: No. Æthelmyr already got in trouble for overzealous casting. You’re human and shouldn’t get too many side-eyes. Xenia is moderate enough to at least not arouse too much suspicion.
Eilir: In the meantime, maybe we can work on getting a key or something while you two check things out and take a look at the records.
Avaril the Average: Yeah, I’d rather have a thief or two backing me up.
‘Keah’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
Avaril the Average: I don’t belive I’m going to have too many skinned knees in there.
Æthelmyr: I’ll get inside on my own, invisibly. We can send others in with the pass.
‘Keah’ disconnected
Æthelmyr: Anything else we can do before we go in?
dublish (Æthelmyr): Also, Katheryn is out.
‘Keah’ connected
dublish (Æthelmyr): I think TS might be dead for the day.
Keah (Eilir): I laid out a plan on what we should do. I don’t know if it all sent. It was 2 long bubbles of chat.
dublish (Æthelmyr): I don’t think it got through.
Keah (Eilir): So what’s going on and what did I miss?
Keah (Eilir): I suggested Avaril and Xenia go in and check out the palace while the rest of us come up with a way to actually get into the vault, like getting a key or something.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Yeah, that did go through.
Denzil: The whole point of checking the records was to see if there was a way into the vault that didn’t require us to go through the palace.
Denzil: But the records are in the palace anyway, and Isadora confirmed that there’s no other way into the vault.
Denzil: Finding a councillor with a key will be the priority.
Eilir: Yes, but it would be good to have a contingency in place. And what if Isadora’s wrong? If the building is particularly old, there might be something.
Avaril the Average: We kill as many as we can.
Eilir: And if nothing else, we can get a feel for the place and a key at the same time.
Æthelmyr: OK, so we just need the passes for now.
DM: So you’re just hanging out waiting for the passes??
ElectricCaveman: only one ? intended…
dublish (Æthelmyr): Yes.
DM: You’re stuck waiting until the next afternoon, when one of the inn’s staff brings you a written message from Isadora, detailing where you’ll be able to pick up the passes that evening.
Denzil: Good.
Denzil: Now let’s get disguised.
Bo-Taar: Sounds good
Denzil: [6d3 = 11]
Æthelmyr: I spend 2 hours disguising everybody.
Keah (Eilir): What were the d6s for?
dublish (Æthelmyr): d3s
dublish (Æthelmyr): 1d3x10 minutes to make a disguise.
Keah (Eilir): ah.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Everybody gets +2 circumstance bonus for having a disguise kit used on them.
ElectricCaveman: brb
dublish (Æthelmyr): -2 for Æthelmyr, Denzil, Xenia and Bo-Taar for being disguised as a different race, +5 for Avaril and Eilir for only having minor details changed.
Keah (Eilir): you make the rolls, yes?
David (Bo-Taar): we’re afk for 15 minutes max
Sam (Xenia): probably 5
DSM (Avaril the Average): The Super Bowl takes longer than 15 minutes…
dublish (Æthelmyr): I guess I make the rolls, not sure.
DSM (Avaril the Average): And hasn’t started yet.
dublish (Æthelmyr): I’ve got to laundry for a bit, I guess we’re taking a short break.
DSM (Avaril the Average): I guess? Huh.
Sam (Xenia): we are back, sorry. had to put dinner in the oven.
DSM (Avaril the Average): EVERYONE ELSE IS GONE!
DSM (Avaril the Average): :’ (
DSM (Avaril the Average): And TS crashed but is back up.
DSM (Avaril the Average): Everyone rejoin!
Keah (Eilir): i’m in ts still.
ElectricCaveman: Do we know how it works to have one person make a disguise and another wear it? The rules lump all required talents into one set, and don’t really cover that situation.
Keah (Eilir): maybe have the disguised use a bluff check if their disguise is doubted and they’re aware of it?
Keah (Eilir): but the actual quality of the disguises would be based on the check of the one who makes them right?
ElectricCaveman: Right. But the Disguise skill in the PHB covers both making and portraying the disguise.
Keah (Eilir): weird.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Right, so I’m finally back.
dublish (Æthelmyr): Dryer is broken, so I have a pile of super wet laundry and it’s not awesome at all.
Keah (Eilir): time to hang it all over your room.
‘Keah’ disconnected
DSM’ disconnected

Session 40 Chat Log

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