Item Creation 1

This page represents the beginning stages of brainstorming. It’s very rough. This turned out to be way more complex than I anticipated, so I just saved my notes here and continued off OP. Anyway, here’s where I started.

Since I noticed Xenia took the feat Brew Potion, I wanted to work out an alternative item creation feat system I’ve been thinking about. I want to make item crafting more accessible, to encourage the creation of more personal, customized, creative magic items. Everything here is pretty much just from my head, but I’m sure everything I’ve read contributes. It’s just a rough idea now, but I would like you to give it some thought and make suggestions.

Proposed Item Creation Rules

The basic rules for crafting magic items remains basically the same, but there are three significant adjustments. The first lets multiple characters to work together to create magic items. The second allows players to craft on the move. The third is a different set of item creation feats.

Under the new system, players can assist an item’s creator in two ways: they can provide needed prerequisite spells, and they can contribute XP to the item’s cost. There is no limit to the number of people who can contribute to an item, but the creator must pay at least half the XP cost.

You also do not need to work on an item in 8-hour chunks. You can do all the preparatory work in down time while you travel or rest, or you can finish more quickly by working longer each day. If two or more characters contributing to the item have the appropriate feat, they can all do prep work concurrently, each contributing to the total crafting time required. The only need to spend a full 8-hour day at work to finish the item, at which point you expend all the spells and XP (and for simplicity’s sake, monetary) costs. You can spend your prep time retroactively (you’ve been working on it, and are just getting around to finishing it), as long as you have had everything you need for that time. We can figure out how much work you can get done on an item each day as we go.

New Item Creation Feats

This set of feats is intended to replace the normal item creation feats, reducing the number of feats and grouping them together by function.

Item Creation 1

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