The Legs of Lolth

Different Perspectives on the Continuing Adventure

Report on the Movements of the Intruders

Once the intruders defeated the guard, I had no other option but to confront them personally. They were surprised and dismayed when I approached them, being severely injured while fighting the guard. Upon questioning their intentions and reasons for entering the city, the intruders dissembled, and mentioned the name ‘Isadora’, and I determined to bring them to the city for interrogation. Though resistant at first, they responded to threats. The intruders gave their names freely when asked.

At this time, the Elders’ messenger, who had followed me through the gate, informed me of the request made by the Dark Prince Graz’zt that the intruders be treated as ambassadors to the city. The ambassadors (as the intruders shall be named for the remainder of this report) had no desire to take advantage of our hospitality at this time, and instead chose to recover for their wounds not far from the gate. One of them, expressing interest in such matters, closely studied the remains of the ritual that had opened the gate to our city. The ambassadors rested for some time, explored the ruins beyond the gate, but then returned to question me about the nature of the Dark Prince Graz’zt and his patronage. Not being party to such matters, I could not answer, and the ambassadors departed.

From the Song of the Xelcit Thri-Kreen

The Water-saviors left the City of Death;
They met the drow called Arda;
They fought her monstrous creation.
They defeated the wasp-man, Arda fled;
They returned to the Shrine
Of the Lady of the Oasis.

The Water-saviors spoke to Giant Sarshan;
They sought to cross the desert;
They recovered from their trials;
Ptek-chak made the Offer of Water;
The Water-saviors agreed
To accompany the Xelcit.

The Xelcit travelled through the desert;
The drow called Arda found them;
She challenged the Water-saviors to combat;
Not a Half-Golem did they fight,
But a Half-Human monster;
They easily triumphed.

The Water-saviors impressed the Xelcit Thri-Kreen;
They showed much honor in combat;
The Xelcit offered more;
If the Water-saviors endured the trial,
The Xelcit would name them
Part of the tribe.

Session 26 Chat Log

Wherein the Utility of Taking Bribes From the DM is Discovered

The party continued to explore the necropolis, running afoul of magical traps and asking Xenia for healing, until the came across a small octagonal room containing a pair of mummies animated by broodswarms. After much confusion, panic, and bloodshed, Denzil stepped through a curtain and stumbled upon a giant tomb spider and more broodswarms.

The spiders proved to be poisonous, and the party struggled to avoid bites of the monsters while damaging them in return. The tomb spider took a vicious bite out of Eilir, who might have died but for a miraculous act of the gods that left her merely unconscious. Eilir’s companions, in a desperate bid to avenge her death, struck down the spiders.

Exhausted, and relieved that Eilir was indeed still alive, the adventurers set a watch and attempted to get some rest before continuing their investigation later. However, they were interrupted just minutes later by a mind flayer…

Session 25 Chat Log

Not the Best Vacation Spot

The party was relieved to have gotten to the bottom of the business with the dried-up oases. They returned to the Shrine, where Denzil informed the party that Isadora, the slaver who had attempted to kidnap the party several weeks previously, had connections to a demon known as the Dark Prince Graz’zt, and a necropolis in the desert. The party took advantage of the Shrine’s library to do some research on the necropolis, Graz’zt, and Eilir’s magical sickle.

The next day, the party ventured to the desert necropolis and, finding the entrance, entered the dead city. Bo-Taar upset a swarm of bats by loudly knocking demolishing a wooden door. Nobody was pleased, but Bo-Taar made up for his error by bludgeoning many bats with his hammer.

The party encountered few obstacles during their exploration of the necropolis. Eilir fell victim to a pitfall, hurting herself on spikes after a long fall, but the adventurers proceeded without incident until the encountered a large group of zombies and skeletons. Bo-Taar and Æthelmyr were grievously injured, but the party survived, while their undead attackers were consigned to true death.

Session 24 Chat Log

The Case of the Vanishing Water, Part 2

Having dealt with five marauders in the cave, the adventurers gave chase to the gnoll that had thus far evaded them. Fighting their way through the narrow confines of the marauders’ lair, but eventually reached a dead end, with no magical auras or secret doorways detected. Avaril deduced that the only missing water in the cave was that missing from the marauders’ bodies, and the party returned to the surface to avoid letting Avaril smear hobgoblin blood on them. Seemingly stuck, the party decided to return to retrace their steps in the hopes of finding any new clues.

The party returned to Sarshan’s shrine with no idea where to go next, and therefore decided to sleep on the matter, almost hoping for the water-stealers to attack and remove any doubts as to their whereabouts. On waking, the water was still in the oasis, so after relaxing a while and waiting for Xenia to pray to Ehlonna for guidance, the party headed to the nearest dried oasis to resume their search. Finding a fresh set of tracks they again found themselves at the rocky outcropping they’d visited the previous day.

This time, the group conducted a thorough search of the area, and discovered tracks heading deeper into the desert. At dusk, they finally found what they were looking for: another cave in the desert, camoflauged to keep it hidden. Inside were a human, a bugbear and a hobgoblin guarding a suspicious barrel. The party entered the cave and killed the three (Bo-Taar wanted an honorable wrestling match with the bugbear, but everyone else wanted it dead), and discovered among the loot a magical sponge that had been used to soak up all the water in the desert oases.


Session 23 Chat Log

The Case of the Vanishing Water, Part 1

Xenia presented Sarshan’s request to her companions, and while Æthelmyr and Avaril had some reservations about postponing the search for Ashley Quick, an offer of compensation swayed them. Riding camels Sarshan kindly provided them, the group set off for the nearest dry oasis, reaching it around dusk. Unable to find anything, the party set up camp for the night. Giant ants attempted to eat the party in the night, but were soon defeated without difficulty.

In the morning, Denzil discovered trackes in the sand near the oasis. Hoping they would lead to whatever was responsible for the dry oases, the party proceeded deeper into the desert, traveling for many hours until they came to a rocky outcropping. There, they found an ogre guarding an entrance to a cave. Naming himself Golgo the Gatekeeper, the ogre refused to let the party into the cave. As negotiations broke down, a fight ensued. Golgo soon lay dead in front of the cave, and Avaril mutilated his body.

The party snuck into the cave until they found a group of marauders, gnolls and hobgoblins, and attacked, killing many as the fight moved deeper into the cave.

Session 22 Chat Log

Friends New and Old, and a Journey Through the Desert

Their harrowing journey across the mountains over at last, our intrepid heroes (excepting Avaril) spent the evening relaxing and enjoying the hard-earned comforts provided by a local inn. The next morning, Xenia prayed to Ehlona and was intrigued by instructions to seek out the goddess before crossing the desert. Her confusion did not last long, for as the party left the inn to locate Avaril, they came across a gigantic mountain nomad, a Goliath called Bo-Taar, who offered to accompany them to the Shrine of the Lady of the Oasis, a day’s journey into the desert. After assuaging Æthelmyr’s suspicions, the party recovered Avaril, and made their way into the desert.

The journey was hot and dry, but our heroes traveled straight for their destination until they were waylaid by a number of drow, including a certain Sorceress. As the drow cast magical darkness to hide themselves from sight, the Sorceress drew a wand and fired several shots of Acid Splash at the party. Each group had difficulty landing meaningful blows in the murk, but skill told in the end, as Eilir, Æthelmyr, and an enraged Bo-Taar each killed two of their attackers. The Sorceress, though suffering from one of Xenia’s Sound Burst spells and under attack by a zombie summoned by Avaril, managed to retreat, leaving the party to continue on their way.

Soon, the adventurer’s reached the Shrine of the Lady of the Oasis and met Sarshan, the cleric presiding. Sarshan welcomed the party and directed them to a familiar ranger, Denzil, who had recently arrived at the shrine and was waiting for his long-lost companions. As Æthelmyr filled Denzil in on the adventures they’d been through, Sarshan informed Xenia of troubling developments in nearby oases, and appealed to her for help.

Session 21 Chat Log

From the Leightover Papers, Part 2

Talitha Leightover
The Limean House
Midgarden Street

Sypheros 8, Solovar

Dear Mother,

We’ve made it through the mountains and discovered civilization on the other side, so I finally have another chance to write to you. It’s been a long day, and it feels wonderful to be sleeping in a real bed again. We’re eating real food again, too. Bob woke us up this morning eating the giant spiders we killed last night (Bob is the dragon we met in the mountains, you’d like him) and Avaril was in a bad mood so he acted all misogynistic, but it was all in good fun. I don’t think he knows how to act travelling with so many girls. We spent the morning walking and talking, and Bob scared away some harpies that wanted to eat us. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week and a half since I left Arenal. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been months.

Solovar is nestled in the high grasslands between the mountains and the desert, and is surprisingly large and prosperous for its location. Towns and dragons don’t mix, so Bob wanted to leave before we got there. It was a sad parting, but maybe we’ll meet him again in the desert. I hope so. Bob is an amazing dragon. Anyway, before we got to town, some kind of creepy fey kind of manifested next to us, which I wasn’t terribly surprised at because it’d been stalking me for DAYS (that is a long story and it’s in my other letters so don’t worry about it), and we got into a fight with it. At first, we could barely manage to hit it, and when we did, the thing just healed itself immediately. Xenia managed to damage it with a magical weapon she summoned, and I finally put it to sleep with a spell.

When we got to town, Eilir, Xenia and I went on a selling spree to get rid of all the equipment we’ve picked up over the past couple of weeks. I had to leave all the gems I’d collected since I left, and it was a LOT of gems, like three and a half thousand gold pieces! I got a FABULOUS headband in the trade, though. Once we found a decent inn at which to stay, Eilir took Avaril shopping for some feminine entertainment, and we spent the evening experimenting with some of the magic items we’d picked up. I magically tapdanced, but we didn’t really figure anything out. I tried to console Eilir about Avaril, but I don’t think it helped any.

The food at dinner was great and nobody talked to us and nothing happened.

Much Love,

Session 20 Chat Log

Session 19
Hunting Spiders

The party leaves the glacier and finds themselves in scrubby, highland forest. Æthelmyr still claims she is being followed by… whatever it is. They come upon Bob in a clearing. The reunited party continues onward until sunset, when they decide to make camp. Bob uses his acid breath to clear a patch in the undergrowth, and Eilir takes first watch. About an hour later, she spots a half-dozen large, white shapes coming down the mountains toward the campsite. They near the valley floor rapidly.

Moving quickly and quietly, Eilir wakes Bob, who helps her wake the others. Everyone is at least partially awake by the time six giant white spiders and a Drow approach their campsite. The Drow woman approaches and speaks with Eilir in Elvish for a moment before switching to Common so everyone can understand. When the Drow woman states her intention to kill them, Eilir fires at her, though her haste makes the shot go wide. The Drow woman sics her spiders on the party and rushes in to attack Eilir with martial arts. Xenia keeps the spiders busy by casting Entangle, and Bob proceeds to munch on them as he did the centipedes before. Eilir trades her bow for her sickle and retaliates. The party works together to take down the Drow woman, while Bob deals with the spiders. The giant arachnids flee when their handler falls. The party dispatches the rest of the spiders as they flee, just to be sure they will not attack again later.

Eilir carefully loots the Drow woman’s body, making sure not to touch anything that may be poisonous. She removes several magic items from the corpse and tries to identify their auras before resuming her watch. The party goes back to sleep.

Session 19 Chat Log

Session 18
The Fey Glacier

After spending the night in a cave, the party heads onward, always westward toward the desert. By midday, they come across a stream that flows into a glacier lake. Bob balks, informing the party that the glacier ahead is reportedly inhabited by winter fey. After discussing whether or not to follow the glacier or backtrack to find a different way, the party decides to take the most direct route and brave the ice. Bob chooses to fly ahead, as he does no like the cold and would rather not get involved with any fey.

As the party nears the glacier, they come across three beautiful women bathing in the lake. After Æthelmyr informs them of the party’s mission, the women instead invite the group to stay with them for a while. Eilir refuses, but Avaril tries to change her mind. The women decide that they would be happy with just Avaril staying. Eilir counters by offering to pay for a whore at the next town, and he happily comes along. Incensed, the rusalki attack. First they sing to attempt to enchant Avaril, but the song has no effect. Combat ensues. Eilir downs one with an arrow, while Xenia casts a spell and Æthelmyr slashes with her claws at a second. The wounded Rusalka grabs her dying comrade and disappears beneath the water. The remaining woman tries to stab at Æthelmyr before retreating as well.

The party continues onward and finally reach the glacier itself. Eilir produces a grappling hook and rope from her bag, which the group uses to scale the side of the ice sheet so they can proceed atop it. The glacier is peppered with lumps of grey fluff. On approaching one, Eilir feels a biting cold and is forced to withdraw. Æthelmyr becomes increasingly paranoid, claiming to see something humanoid following them. Suddenly, they are attacked by what appear to be spirit animals. Eilir’s magic sickle is the only weapon that does not simply go through them, but the others have spells at their disposal that seem to work just fine. After quite a while of attempting to fend off the animals, Xenia finally sends the badger running in fear, while Æthelmyr and Eilir manage to subdue the wolf and raven by putting them to sleep then attacking them with the magic sickle.

Relieved to be rid of their assailants, the party continues onward toward an ice fall up ahead. As they approach, they see the entrance to a cave carved out of the ice fall. They decide to check out the cave before tackling the ice fall. Inside, they find a beautiful, dark-haired woman and a portly, green-skinned man. When Eilir calls out to them, the man disappears into a pool of water, and the Yuki-onna attacks. Eilir fires an arrow at her but misses. The woman retaliates by paralysing her attacker. During the battle, the badger returns to assist its master. Avaril summons his own servant, a bugbear zombie, to great effect. After some struggle with the incorporeal badger, the group manages to subdue the Yuki-onna and her pet. They loot the cave and return to the ice fall outside.

After several failed attempts at climing up just part of the ice fall, Xenia finally reaches a ledge and spies an easier route nearby. The group proceeds onward in search of Bob. Æthelmyr contines to worry about whatever is following her, complaining that it is now talking to her, though anything it says is unintelligible.

Session 18 Chat Log

from "The Legs of Lolth: Book II"
The Dragon Bob

Once more they made their way westward,
but soon the wizard could be heard
to whisper about a hidden watcher,
a dragon following with skin of copper.
It stood upon some higher ground
then quickly did it leap and bound
toward them as they made their way,
and Æthelmyr began to say
good greetings to the dragon
in their own common tongue.

Yet for the sake of her companions
the dragon did then speak in Common
and told of kobolds who’d taken flight
from Duvik’s Pass the previous night
and warned him of a tribe of orcs
who hunted dragons all for sport.
The copper dragon was afraid
that he would caught and flayed,
but with the help of these brave four
he might yet survive his flight.

The dragon proved one small and young,
but power and cleverness were his own.
He had a plan to fight these orcs,
but he needed their help of course.
When asked a name, he quick refused
because his name was rarely used
in Common, so Bob he was then called
by Æthelmyr and then by all,
for Bob is a good Common name
and easy to remember.

So all proceeded onward to
a small ravine where Bob knew
the orcish tribe would come and fight
but would not at first realise their plight,
for hidden ’tween some rocks nearby
our four adventurers would lie
in wait, and then to aid the dragon
they would mount fierce attack on
the orcs, who would be quite surprised
that Bob had found new aid.

Eleven orcs Bob brought then,
lured them to the small ravine
and fought full fierce against the tribe
who hunted him for his shining hide.
Behind the hunters lurked our troupe.
Æthelmyr first broke the group.
With rapier and claws she ripped and tore
and beat one of these orcs full sore.
Next Avaril did summon up
a skeleton from who knows where.

Bob’s breath blew through the orcish ranks
and covered all from front to flanks.
The orcs were Slowed by this attack,
and Eilir moved to beat them back
to whence they came with newfound weapon
she acquired from Jakka in the cave before.
“Bilyeklo!” the orcs did cry,
and one did flee to by and by
take message to their chief, it seems
to tell of Jakka’s death.

The fight raged on, and all the orcs
did fall to wing, claw, spell and sword
and quarterstaff, for Xenia, too,
did fall upon those foul orcs who
she found within her reach when she
was not healing the other three.
Avaril did find himself
beset upon and quickly fell,
but Xenia dragged him away,
and so he yet did live.

When finally all orcs were dead,
and those who weren’t had quickly fled,
the spoils were piled and sorted high,
and Eilir learned the sickle’s story.
Bilyeklo, White Fang, Aussirjesk,
all names were of the genesis
of this orcish hunting clan
who hunted dragons in their lands.
And Bob, while sickened, was relieved
to see Bilyeklo in friendly hands.

The bodies plundered and left to rot,
they wakened Avaril and off did walk
to find a place to camp that night
away from the orcs’ wand’ring sight,
for surely our group would be sought
for Bilyeklo and for ought
they did to wound the orc tribe’s pride
by robbing them of Bob’s copper hide.
So Bob did search for a cave
and found one close at hand.

Out from the entrance there did run
three centipedes, full four feet long!
These quickly dispatched, the party found
Bob in the cave safe and sound,
settled and eating happily
of the bugs who’d failed to flee.
And so the party spent the night
within this cave and out of sight.
Next morning they would continue
westward toward the desert.

Session 16 Chat Log
Session 17 Chat Log


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