The Legs of Lolth

The Case of the Vanishing Water, Part 1

Xenia presented Sarshan’s request to her companions, and while Æthelmyr and Avaril had some reservations about postponing the search for Ashley Quick, an offer of compensation swayed them. Riding camels Sarshan kindly provided them, the group set off for the nearest dry oasis, reaching it around dusk. Unable to find anything, the party set up camp for the night. Giant ants attempted to eat the party in the night, but were soon defeated without difficulty.

In the morning, Denzil discovered trackes in the sand near the oasis. Hoping they would lead to whatever was responsible for the dry oases, the party proceeded deeper into the desert, traveling for many hours until they came to a rocky outcropping. There, they found an ogre guarding an entrance to a cave. Naming himself Golgo the Gatekeeper, the ogre refused to let the party into the cave. As negotiations broke down, a fight ensued. Golgo soon lay dead in front of the cave, and Avaril mutilated his body.

The party snuck into the cave until they found a group of marauders, gnolls and hobgoblins, and attacked, killing many as the fight moved deeper into the cave.

Session 22 Chat Log



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