The Legs of Lolth

Not the Best Vacation Spot

The party was relieved to have gotten to the bottom of the business with the dried-up oases. They returned to the Shrine, where Denzil informed the party that Isadora, the slaver who had attempted to kidnap the party several weeks previously, had connections to a demon known as the Dark Prince Graz’zt, and a necropolis in the desert. The party took advantage of the Shrine’s library to do some research on the necropolis, Graz’zt, and Eilir’s magical sickle.

The next day, the party ventured to the desert necropolis and, finding the entrance, entered the dead city. Bo-Taar upset a swarm of bats by loudly knocking demolishing a wooden door. Nobody was pleased, but Bo-Taar made up for his error by bludgeoning many bats with his hammer.

The party encountered few obstacles during their exploration of the necropolis. Eilir fell victim to a pitfall, hurting herself on spikes after a long fall, but the adventurers proceeded without incident until the encountered a large group of zombies and skeletons. Bo-Taar and Æthelmyr were grievously injured, but the party survived, while their undead attackers were consigned to true death.

Session 24 Chat Log



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