A twisted Drow Transmuter and monster-keeper


Arda was a powerful Transmuter who preferred to use her power to create a variety of twisted minions. She had also shown a propensity for enchantments and unusual magic items.


Arda has made herself a thorn in the side of the party since they entered the desert. She has thus far avoided direct conflict with them as best she could, fleeing when her various warriors failed. Those warriors range from run-of-the-mill Drow foot soldiers to exotic aberrations and twisted hybrids.

Arda began making herself a thorn in the party’s side soon after they entered the desert. She mostly avoided direct conflict with them, first leading a troop of male Drow foot soldiers, then later testing them against her various atrocious creations. Arda was slain when she challenged the party to enter her temple-laboratory in hopes of coercing or finally capturing the heroes. After the party suffered a brutal barrage of spells, they had the fortune of breaking the special planar anchor that held the temple in the Material Plain, which allowed Bo-Taar to reach a polymorphed Arda and wrestle her into submission. After being beaten unconscious, Arda was executed with a blow from his warhammer.


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