The Legs of Lolth

Wherein the Utility of Taking Bribes From the DM is Discovered

The party continued to explore the necropolis, running afoul of magical traps and asking Xenia for healing, until the came across a small octagonal room containing a pair of mummies animated by broodswarms. After much confusion, panic, and bloodshed, Denzil stepped through a curtain and stumbled upon a giant tomb spider and more broodswarms.

The spiders proved to be poisonous, and the party struggled to avoid bites of the monsters while damaging them in return. The tomb spider took a vicious bite out of Eilir, who might have died but for a miraculous act of the gods that left her merely unconscious. Eilir’s companions, in a desperate bid to avenge her death, struck down the spiders.

Exhausted, and relieved that Eilir was indeed still alive, the adventurers set a watch and attempted to get some rest before continuing their investigation later. However, they were interrupted just minutes later by a mind flayer…

Session 25 Chat Log



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