The Legs of Lolth

Session 19

Hunting Spiders

The party leaves the glacier and finds themselves in scrubby, highland forest. Æthelmyr still claims she is being followed by… whatever it is. They come upon Bob in a clearing. The reunited party continues onward until sunset, when they decide to make camp. Bob uses his acid breath to clear a patch in the undergrowth, and Eilir takes first watch. About an hour later, she spots a half-dozen large, white shapes coming down the mountains toward the campsite. They near the valley floor rapidly.

Moving quickly and quietly, Eilir wakes Bob, who helps her wake the others. Everyone is at least partially awake by the time six giant white spiders and a Drow approach their campsite. The Drow woman approaches and speaks with Eilir in Elvish for a moment before switching to Common so everyone can understand. When the Drow woman states her intention to kill them, Eilir fires at her, though her haste makes the shot go wide. The Drow woman sics her spiders on the party and rushes in to attack Eilir with martial arts. Xenia keeps the spiders busy by casting Entangle, and Bob proceeds to munch on them as he did the centipedes before. Eilir trades her bow for her sickle and retaliates. The party works together to take down the Drow woman, while Bob deals with the spiders. The giant arachnids flee when their handler falls. The party dispatches the rest of the spiders as they flee, just to be sure they will not attack again later.

Eilir carefully loots the Drow woman’s body, making sure not to touch anything that may be poisonous. She removes several magic items from the corpse and tries to identify their auras before resuming her watch. The party goes back to sleep.

Session 19 Chat Log



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