Western Hills


A line of large hills juts south from the northern plains, between the desert and the west coast, known in the region as the Umber Hills. Elaborate cities and towers are built along the coast and into the sea.


Scholars live in the towers and cities of the hills, including members of every race. Their magical strength generally keeps the savage races away, though a few study there.


The scholars have fair relations with the other regions’ intelligent races, and keep up steady trade, but remain mostly aloof. One main exception to their isolation is the psions among the various tribes of the desert. Some of such specialists study with the mages, but the most powerful stay with their people; their special knowledge is occasionally sought by the scholars. Their tribes provide most of the trade for the scholars, as well. The most powerful state in the region is Blakav.


North Umbers

South Umbers

Western Hills

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