Southeastern Plain


Moderately wooded, temperate to cool plains. Trees found in groves and small woodlands throughout. Foothills at border with mountains. Rivers flow generally northwest to southeast.


Primarily Human and Half-Elf, significant Elf population in woods. A few large Halfling tribes inhabit the foothills and travel regularly on the plain to trade. Dwarves occasionally come from the mountains, but are rare. Lizardfolk inhabit a few wet, sparsely inhabited areas. A single large Hobgoblin tribe lives near the forest. Merfolk frequent the waters along the southern coast. Mixed bloods of all types can be found in many settlements, especially the larger cities. A variety of savage humanoid occasionally raid from the mountains and forests.


The realm is divided into many small provinces, each ruled by a separate aristocratic family, all of which share a mostly steady near-peace. The Elves are officially part of these provinces, but also rule their woodland holdings as a single province governed by a council that meets in the heart of the region, and are generally on good terms with the Human and mixed settlements around them so long as their resources are respected. This combination of complex politics means the ruling class spends as much time concerned with bureaucracy and intrigue as with governing their provinces, though lesser nobles in a family generally make sure their citizenry is taken care of in a manner worthy of the honor of their house. This all results in a fairly varied, free society.
The aristocracy often has mixed bloodlines to varying degrees; their various racial influences give them longer lives greater arcane power. Such mixed bloods, especially Half-Elves and Plane-touched, are even not uncommon among the citizenry. While more exotic semi-humans (or any other racial mix) are rarer, they come from throughout the continent to the cities here, finding them more tolerant than their homeland, frequently gathering together to form their own communities. The tolerance here allows the Hobgoblins to have an uneasy peace with the humans. They also have mutual tolerance for the Elves though they almost never test each other’s hospitality. Their tacticians are highly sought in times of conflict, even occasionally by leaders from the Northern Plain. The Halflings roam gypsy-like when not in their hilly camps, and are welcome anywhere, but stay out of the affairs of other races beyond trade. The Merfolk are friendly but uninterested in the politics or trade of the land-dwellers’ nations.


Southeastern Plain

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