SotG - The Story

This is the main part of my little essay here. I want to let you know where my head is at regarding the story so far, and things I’ve learned. Also, I’ll talk about upcoming story, at least as far as I can without spoiling anything.

First, I want to apologize for some bad planning and decisions on my part. The dream world adventure I tried to do was a total bust. I wanted to mix things up, but the implementation was far too jarring. The half-golem thing was not well thought out, a result of my failure to plan ahead sufficiently. A couple pre-con adventures I threw in were very clunky. I need to tailor those better, if I use them in the future. The Necropolis was not pre-con, but it was inserted roughly as well. Finally, I want to apologize for how long the desert traversal took. Four adventures plus random encounters was too much. If you go back before that, I count seven full adventures plus without a significant plot point occurring, just off the top of my head. I’ve tried to weave in foreshadowing, clues, and other plot elements to most of them, but that is not enough for such a long stretch.

I think there have been some good things happening as well, though. When the first Bob encounter turned out as well as it did, I was as surprised as anyone. I feel like the Goblin battle went better than I expected, as well. I’m kind of proud of bringing Isadora up from a random encounter to an NPC who can represent a whole shadowy side of the conflict. I also like how Arda has been doing as a general thorn in your side without ever really fighting you herself.

Moving forward, I’m going to try to distribute the story among the adventures better. I also want to incorporate more role-playing encounters, rather than relying strictly on combat with the RP stuff just acting to string them together. I’m not really sure the best way to do that, frankly. I’m feel like I’m much better with putting together combat than with inventive story stuff. But I’m going to try. I also want to add more skill-based encounters. That will be easier for me, I think. One thing I’m not planning on doing is puzzles. Besides not making much story sense to me, I’m absolutely rubbish at making them.

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SotG - The Story

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