SotG - Improving Game Flow

I think it’s pretty apparent that the flow of the story, as well as the flow of each individual session, needs work. I don’t really have a good solution; there may not be one. I just wanted you to know that it is something I am giving serious consideration to. I think this is the biggest problem facing the campaign at this point.

Things need to move faster. In the small-scale, I feel like things should happen about half again as quickly during a session then they actually do. There are a couple things I can do right off to help a session flow better: pre-typing descriptions, staying on top of my resources better, and trusting my instincts instead of looking up rules all spring to mind. I don’t know if there’s a good way to compare before and after, but I feel like having moved OOC questions to voice helps, too. My expectations on game pace might be too high, but I think it’s worth striving to improve.

The pace of the overall plot is a bigger issue than the pace of each individual adventure, though improving the latter will help the first. There are hints, foreshadowing, and tie-ins that I try to put in which I’m pretty sure are being missed because of the amount of real-time between game events happening. The lack of continuity, I feel, makes it harder on you all to feel involved in the story. This seems like something I can work on to some degree in my planning, too. I’m just not really sure how. Shorter adventures might help, but that also increases the overall time spent setting the stage instead of actively accomplishing things. I could go back to writing all the Adventure Logs, and make a point of including anything I think is important to the ongoing plots. I like seeing things from the PC’s perspectives, though, and I like leaving as many opportunities for other people to contribute as I can. I could pare down the plot to something more basic, but I don’t think that would be as interesting. If the dots are too far apart to connect, though, then complexity doesn’t do any good.

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SotG - Improving Game Flow

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