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The last thing I want to inform you all of is how I’m handling different rules stuff. I’ve already covered this a bit in some other places, but I thought it ought to be here, too. None of this really effects what you do, but since it’s a little different from normal, I thought you should be made aware.

Starting with the most important stuff: XP. I am estimating your Party Level, as well as your individual skills and feats, based on everyone’s Effective Character Level (ECL). I am calculating XP rewards based on your PC Class levels. Basically for you, this means that you advance more quickly because you’re being treated as lower level than your encounters.

Next most important: treasure. I’m placing your expected wealth level by your ECL. As a party, you’re pretty behind this, so there are some heavy-treasure encounters coming up. I’m also exploring the idea of using other treasure substitutes, like special locations. If you’re not bothered by spoilers, here is a rules clarification of an upcoming reward that will require some action on your part. It will give you a bit of an edge to be not facing it blind, as a reward for actually reading the wiki.

Moving along, a bit of a concern for me has been Prestige Points. The goal was to reward people for helping with and contributing to the campaign, keeping everyone a little more involved and maybe making my job a little easier. The problem is that only a couple people actually do anything with them, either earning or utilizing. It seems a bit unfair. So, I think we need to find more ways to make them relevant and ways that people will actually earn them.

The last rule thing on my mind is crafting. We never did figure anything out about how to deal with that. I have a few more solid ideas about things than before, but I think this discussion deserves more space than I’m prepared to give it here. Look for a forum discussion about this soon.

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SotG - GMing Stuff

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