Prestige Points

Prestige points are a way for characters to gain an extra edge for those times when a truly heroic effort is called for. They are acquired by players for their contributions out-of-game. The primary way prestige points are earned is through player feedback journals, written either in or out of character. They may also be rewards for exceptional role-playing, or awards for contributing in other ways to the campaign’s website or world. This mechanic may be adjusted as we go.

Acquiring Prestige Points

Accumulated points can be spent in-session for temporary bonuses. Some prestige abilities can be used every round, while others can be used only once per encounter. Regardless of the frequency allowed for each ability, a player can only use one per round in this manner. At the end of a session or adventure, each player’s pool of prestige points refills. Exactly when they reset will be decided by the GM based on how the game is flowing.

Permanent bonuses can also be gained in or out of session by “burning” prestige points. Points spent this way are permanently removed from a player’s pool. Prestige points may also be burned to use other prestige abilities more frequently. By burning one point, a player can use a second ability in a single round, or reuse a given encounter ability already performed in the encounter.

Prestige Abilities Table

Prestige Points by Character

Character Current Max Pool Total Earned
Æthelmyr 24 24
Avaril 6 6
Bo-Taar 3 3
Denzil 2 2
Eilir 9 18
Xenia 5 5

Prestige Points

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