Entry 14

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Sypheros 13, 5101

Dear Diary,

So today has been a really rough day. We set off for the necropolis this morning and it took most of the day to get here. Xenia found the entrance and we found a whole room filled with bats that definitely did NOT enjoy it when Bo-Taar started breaking down doors. Some people really need to figure out how to do things with some subtlety. Gods. Xenia hit some of them with a sound burst, but they didn’t really stop bothering us until Bo-Taar and Avaril started hitting them with sticks.

We tried looking for anything interesting, since Isadora’s cohorts were supposed to be here, but instead we found zombies and skeletons. And traps, Eilir found a trap and fell into it. It turns out zombies and skeletons don’t have real brains, so my magic doesn’t work too well against them. They’re worse than elves! Bo-Taar killed everything his hammer touched, and I wish I was as strong could kill things that quickly.

I set off a nasty acid trap that really really hurt, and then Avaril had to make it all worse by laughing at me and saying I deserved it for talking too much. I don’t talk too much! Avaril is just a horrible conversationalist and nobody likes him because he’s mean. And then we found some kind of little shrine, and it was guarded by mummies filled with spiders that jumped me when I walked by. The mummies, I mean. Although the spiders did attack once the mummies were dead. I stomped on some. Spiders, not mummies. But then we found a giant spider like ten feet across.

I swear from now on I am going to kill every spider I see. This thing was enormous and had swarms of little bitty poisonous bugs all over and it practically gutted Eilir. I mean, I thought she wouldn’t make it. We did finally kill it, but then the mind-flayers showed up.

That’s right. Mind-flayers. I thought they were going to kill us, or at least flay our minds, because, you know… The illithids have a city on the other side of a dimensional portal that opened up when that necromancer blew up the city way back when. They’re not happy with anything that wanders around the necropolis, except for the people who bring them slaves, which is why they don’t mind Isadora and company. We convinced them not to kill us because apparently a Dark Prince wants us to be his ambassadors in the city? It seems like an awkward situation, so we’re going to sleep on the whole thing.

Entry 14

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