Entry 08

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Sypheros 7:

Dear Diary,

Something’s wrong, but I don’t know what. I’ve been seeing something since we really got into the Spine. Not quite seeing it, really, but it’s there, I know it is. Whatever it is. Bob left us to tackle the glacier on our own, since he doesn’t like fey. We met some who tried to seduce Avaril, but he couldn’t abandon Eilir us so easily. They were practically naked even, and he wouldn’t go with them. I could hardly believe it. The fey women attacked us (they were all women, I should have mentioned that) but we fought them off.

About that time, I first started seeing it. I couldn’t tell what it was, but or even really where it was, but it’s definitely there. I think it’s watching me right now. It tries to talk to me sometimes, but that only happened later. First, we were attacked my some incorporeal animals, which were guarding a cave, which housed some kind of fey that was in charge of all the others and said she had treasure. I think. Avaril summoned a zombie bugbear and made it taunt the fey lady in Abyssal, or maybe Infernal. It all sounded like gibberish to me. I need to learn those languages.

We killed her and left, and tried to make our way over the ice floes, but I fell a lot had trouble keeping a grip on the rope while we were climbing, and nobody wanted to take the hardest path through the mountains, so we found an easier way down a glacier valley. The thing I kept seeing kept bothering me, but it didn’t do anything malicious until we got out of the mountains proper. It did something to my mind, and I could hear it whispering at me, in every language at once but I couldn’t understand a word. Nobody believed me when I told them that it was there, but I know.

I can’t stay awake any more. Bob met up with us again, and made a clearing in the underbrush for us to sleep in, but I just know something is going to happen to us. I can’t stay up.

Entry 08

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