Entry 07

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Sypheros 6:

Dear Diary,

Oh my gods, you will NEVER believe what happened today! It’s like everything that could go right went so totally right even I can’t believe it, and it happened to me! First we left town, which wasn’t all that exciting, but we spent a long time in Duvik’s Pass, so it was really nice to get out of that hellhole, and we headed into the mountains, which look AMAZING. Mountains are so much bigger than any of the hills I’ve ever seen before, and they seem to go on forever in every direction except backwards. Anyway, what made it even better was that we met a DRAGON. WE MET A DRAGON AND WE NAMED HIM BOB BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT TO CONFUSE EVERYONE ELSE WHO COULDN’T PRONOUNCE HIS NAME IN DRACONIC I bet it had an ash AND HE WAS A DRAGON. We called him Bob because he asked for a common name, or a Common name in Common, there isn’t much of a way to distinguish between the two phrasings the way he said it, and Bob fit both criteria.

Anyway, Bob was running from some orcish dragon hunters because he wanted to get through the mountains to the desert, just like us, and the dragon hunters wanted to hunt dragons because they were dragon hunters. That’s right, WERE. We set a trap for them and hit them from behind when they thought Bob was trapped, but he spat acid at them! I haven’t been that jealous since Mercom Urdine bought Shirelle Wenstone a jeweled necklace when she was sixteen and she wouldn’t shut up about it for weeks. I hope she’s happy with him. I heard he got the Formian Pox after they got married. Stupid Shirelle and Mercom. They got what was coming to them I hope they’re alright.

So, Bob and the dragon hunters. The dragon hunters knew the necromancer we found in the mines back in Duvik’s Pass, I think, or Eilir said something to that effect. We may run into more later, but I don’t mind. We killed them all and I didn’t ever run away! It felt so much more satisfying than the rainy night we spent in that hillside tomb.

Bob is a young copper dragon who really likes eating large, poisonous insects. I tried a centipede raw, and it didn’t have much taste but it was really gamey and just awkward to eat. Bob said it would make me smarter, but I’m not sure if he actually knew that or just thought so. We’re in a cave right now, about to go to sleep. I’m still super excited about getting to meet a dragon today! He can fly and everything! I wonder if he knows my father.

Good night, and until next time!

Entry 07

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