Central Mountains


A wide band of tall, jagged mountains running north to south, narrowing in the north and jutting out as sheer cliffs into the southern ocean. Foothills border on east and west.


Dwarves are common in the valleys, caves, and lower peaks. Giants are rarer but can also be found anywhere in the whole range. Grey Elf cities are scattered throughout the mountains on hard to access peaks, and Xeph keep isolated settlements in secluded valleys. Less technologically developed communities of Goliaths and Raptoran can also be amongst the jagged peaks. Harpies keep large nests in some areas. Kobolds range throughout the cave systems, and Orcs inhabit the lower slopes.


The Grey Elves get along well with Storm Giants and Xeph, as well as other good Giants. They are tolerably friendly to other civilized races, but see them as outsiders and rather beneath them. Xeph are very hospitable to anyone lucky enough to find one of their settlements, but rarely have any large-scale interactions with other races. The Dwarves have a decent relationship with most good Giants, especially Stone Giants, and are on good terms with the plains-dwellers, though they rarely meet any but the Halfling wanderers. Kobolds and Orcs don’t get along with anyone. Harpies hate anyone not from their nest.


Central Mountains

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