The Legs of Lolth

The Dawn of an Epic

From the Narrative:

“Last night was the most terrifying moment in your life. At dusk, just as the most of village was finishing their day, your quiet little home was assaulted by a warband of Drow. The Shadow-Elves were like ghosts in the darkest night of the new moon, the feeble starlight glimmering dully off their black armor. They cut down a dozen before anyone could realize what was happening. As the commotion spread before the invaders, most fled for the cover of their homes, but others, too slow or too brave, were slain as the Drow flooded through Arenal. They stormed through the village to the doors of the small local chapel. There the Drow stopped, confronted by the Master Traoren, half-elf monk who teaches there. After a brief and quiet discourse between him and the warband’s leader, the Drow swarmed him. He defended the chapel against the full force for what seemed like hours, but finally he fell before their amassed might. The Drow entered the chapel and took an old darkwood three-section staff that Traoren had kept, then retreated as suddenly as they arrived.

The village slowly regained activity as people grew confident enough that the Drow were gone. The wounded were attended to, and the dead were gathered. No one slept for the rest of the night. When dawn arrived, everyone was astonished to see Master Traoren suddenly rise from death and stagger away to his chapel. He has refused to speak to anyone so far, but has suddenly sent out a message asking you to come attend him."

Danger and Mystery

After the Drow attack, Master Traoren summoned four young people to run a message to a friend for him. He was enigmatic, but insistent and urgent, so they agreed. They set off through the woods, hoping to avoid any Drow still watching the village.

The first afternoon of travel was uneventful. They got to the highway with enough time before sunset to finish the trip into the nearest town, opting not to camp in the forest. They had no money for the inn, but Xenia got them floor space with the church of Ehlonna after the local cleric learned of their unfortunate situation.

The next day of travel was a bit more hazardous. Keeping off the highway as Traoren recommended, they chanced to stumble upon a scavenging, young wild boar. Xenia bound it with an entangling spell while the others steadily attacked the frenzied creature. It fell swiftly, but not before giving Avaril a grievous gash. He passed out, but Xenia swiftly attended to his wounds and the party continued, richer by a sizable portion of pork.

The day’s excitement was not yet over. Leaving the woods, within sight of the tower they sought, a lone Drow stalking them sprung her ambush. Her first bolt missed, but her second poisoned shaft struck Xenia, who succumbed to the sleeping poison. Denzil swiftly retaliated with an arrow, placed solidly in the Drow’s throat. The shadow-Elf died instantly, leaving some useful items for Eilir to scavenge.

The travelers finally made it to their destination, where they were met by an old but lively man, Corysan Illythinan. He gave them tea, and healing as needed, while answering a few of their questions. The mystery behind just what the Drow were after remains just that, as Corysan insists on waiting for Traoren to arrive before that story is told.

Session 1 Chat Log

Water and Wood
A tramp through the woods

After spending a night in Corysan Illythinan’s tower, the party was sent by the old wizard to a nearby Xeph village with trade goods, so that they might supply themselves appropriately for the rest of their journey. Corysan knew of a water elemental haunting a stream along the way, but otherwise the route should be clear.

The elemental was at the stream, just as expected, and the party handled it without too much concern. A bit further along their way, they were ambushed by a pair of humanoid plant-creatures. Their claw-like thorns poisoned Denzil, draining his strength, but the two plants were quickly struck down. The team then continued onward to the Xeph village without further incident.

In the village, the party was welcomed. They turned over the goods Corysan sent with them, and proceeded to look around and see what they needed in exchange.

Session 2 Chat Log

The Drow's Plot
Goals and Setbacks

After acquiring more tools and supplies from the Xeph, the party spent a quiet night in their village then made an uneventful trip back to Corysan’s tower. Master Traoren had arrived when they got there, and asked that they take a small package to another old friend, Shelby Martins, a cleric of Istus in Sitye.

Along with this request, Traoren agreed to explain the situation that required such urgent action. The Drow have been stealing a set of ancient artifacts, created by the evil goddess Lolth, which can be used by her priestesses in a ritual which will tear a hole between the Shadow Plane and the Demonweb Pits.

The party spent the night at the tower before departing early the next day. Their first day of travel was uneventful, but on day two they encountered a woman with a broken wagon, claiming her brother was trapped beneath it. When the adventurers assisted, they were attacked by the woman and three men with her. The bandits knocked the whole party unconscious…

Session 3 Chat Log

Jail Break

After being knocked out by the slavers, the party awakens shackled and chained in a dark wagon bumping down a path. Eilir manages to yank one of the chains out of the floor first, then the others unchain themselves as well, but they all remained shackled. Breaking down the door of the wagon, they proceeded to argue with one of their captors, Bruce. As the travelers slowly destroy the wagon, Bruce gets more and more upset, finally jumping in the wagon to beat them into submission. He hacks at Eilir before Xenia and Avaril beat him unconscious. Bruce’s partner, Stan, also attacks Eilir with his axe. She passes out, but Xenia heals her before the group proceeds to kill Stan. They search him for keys to the shackles, free themselves, and prepare to rouse Bruce to interrogate him.

Session 4 Chat Log

Getting Back on Track

With their captors subdued, the band of adventurers woke and interrogated Bruce to find their way back to Sitye. He directed them back to a small village called Kurtsford, where they found lodging for the night. The locals indicated they’d had some trouble with the slavers coming through lately. Avaril decided to return to the wagon to finish off Bruce, who he found still struggling to get free.

Session 5 Chat Log

Fate and Other Unfortunate Happenings
A Choice to Act

The people of Kurtsford were able to give Eilir somewhat more direct directions to reach Sitye. Although travelling on less used path through wilder country, nothing of note happened to the adventurers on the way there.

Arriving in Sitye, they found the cleric Shelby at the temple complex for The Keepers. They gave her the package from Corysan, and she gave them supper. Among other items in the bundle, Shelby showed them a vial of pure Elemental Air. The next day, they found out what it was for, as Shelby used it to call on an Air Weird – an elemental with powers of divination that could rival the gods. After a lengthy discourse between cleric and elemental, all in Auran, the Weird touched the party members and departed. Shelby informed the party that the Weird diviner insisted that they would have to continue to be central players in the events surrounding the Legs of Lolth.

This declaration inspired mixed reactions from the party. Shelby requested they delay any decision-making for a couple days, so that they might consider things properly and receive the counsel of Master Traoren and company. When they all arrived, including the weretiger scout Isaac, mostly they just argued about what they could or could not ask the young adventurers to do. As it all shook out, every member of the party agreed to pursue the undertaking, though Avaril was particularly reluctant.

Now the party is spending a couple months training under Traoren and Isaac, as well as the others, to ready themselves for their mission. Corysan and Shelby seek information to guide them when not helping in training. Soon they will find what clues they seek, and the world-spanning quest will begin.

Session 6 Chat Log

A Thorn in the Side
Villains Helping Villains

Upon Shelby’s visit to Arenal with a discovery regarding the location of the guardian of one of the other Legs of Lolth, the band of adventurers set off to the southwest. First, they must cross treacherous mountains. Then, they must cross the scorching desert. Then, they must persuade the ancient and powerful Ashley Quick to hand over her artifact, that they might some day destroy it.

None of that matters, of course, if they can’t get away from home. Within hours of leaving Arenal, a trio of horsemen following them fire a warning arrow over their heads. The party stops, and conversation quickly reveals that their unwanted travelling companions are the slaver woman who caught them on the road to Sitye and two of her henchmen. She enquires about the Drow, who are demanding she recover the heroes and turn them over. After a terse and unproductive discussion, Eilir looses an arrow into one of the minions, and the fight is on. Eilir and one minion close to melee, while the woman slaver rides into the range of her magic. Xenia causes the undergrowth to ensare her horse and the other brute. While blades are matched between Eilir and one henchman, the other five combatants trade magic and arrows. After being stricken by one too many arrows, the slaver boss hides herself in a fog cloud to recover and wait out the entangling magic. Meanwhile, Xenia joins Eilir to finish off the axeman and Avaril ends the archer with a well-placed crossbow bolt.

As soon as Xenia releases her plant spell, Denzil slides into the fog cloud, leaps and the slaver woman, and drags her off her horse. Eilir and Xenia also wade into the cloud for melee, while Avaril fires off magic in the slaver’s general direction. Nevertheless, the woman slips away from Denzil’s grasp, rises, and re-mounts her horse. She dashes into another fog cloud, pursued by Denzil and Avaril’s bolts. Something makes the party’s horses flee in panic, and as the slaver rides out of the fog and away, she is followed by a black and red eagle. While she makes good her escape, Xenia heals Eilir’s wounds and the band regroups.

Session 7 Chat Log

Torture and Thunder
Nowhere is safe

After the slaver woman fled, Isaac approached the party with a silvery winged girl in tow. He was concerned with possible ties between the warlock and a group of demons. Asking Denzil to go with him, the weretiger left the young woman with the others, whom she had been following. The new travelling companion, a draconic young woman calling herself Æthelmyr Austratsvernthrae Leightover, was incredibly talkative, and the afternoon weather turned to a cold drizzle, but the party encountered no further threats before stopping in the town of Corden.

In the town, they stopped at an inn with a peculiar sign in front. They purchased beds for the night and quickly settled in to sleep. In the middle of the night, a Drow priestess slipped into their room and poisoned Avaril, Eilir, and Xenia. They woke up bound with rope and gagged in a new room, empty save them, the Drow, and a small collection of torture implements. After some threatening talk, the dark Elf priestess began to use those implements on Avaril. While he was being tortured, Eilir managed to pull loose the knots binding her hands. Avaril’s screaming also woke Æthelmyr, who came to see what was happening. When the Drow rose from kneeling over Avaril, he also managed to frantically wriggle free of his bonds. Despite having trouble getting their spells to work through the Drow’s natural resistance, the three of them forced the priestess to flee and stopped her cold when she did.

With the Drow out cold, Eilir untied Xenia. Avaril wanted to torture their captor, but Xenia strongly objected. Their argument spilled over to the next morning during breakfast and a quick trip to market, but did not delay their departure. The weather was still grey, and got progressively worse during the day. By mid-afternoon, the storm has grown fierce enough to stop further travel. The party had reached the foothills, and spied a ruined old tower where they thought the might find shelter. The hill it sat on had a large old door in the side. It opened easily, and the travelers took shelter in a large, old, empty room. A few stone doors led out of this chamber. They tried one, and were attacked by a pack of rats frightened by the thunder. The rats were quickly slain, but not before landing a few small bites.

Session 8 Chat Log

Tomb Raiders

After handling the rats, they continued down the hall behind the door they just opened. The hall and the chamber it led to were just as stripped clean as the entry chamber, save for a collapsing sarcophagus standing upright by the far wall. A twisted reddish head was visible within. When the party approached, it unfurled its wings and attacked.

The vile creature, known as a vargouille, began with an unnatural shriek that paralyzed Xenia and Avaril with terror. Eilir and Æthelmyr quickly flanked the flying head, subduing it just as the others were recovering. Unfortunately, it first bit Eilir, causing a poisoned wound that will not heal until the venom can be removed. With that danger past, a quick search uncovered an old gold ring, inscribed with Dwarven letters, in a pile of dust at the bottom of the sarcophagus.

Despite the dangerous encounter, the adventurers decided to continue exploring the tomb. They flipped a coin to pick which door to explore next, choosing the center stone door. After walking down a very long hallway, they finally reached another room. This one had a few pieces of beat up furniture and a worn-through rug. It also had a mud puddle beneath a hole in the ceiling, from which a rope hung down. Another group was in these halls, however, and heard them coming. Two Orcs were soon charging down the next hall, toward the group. Their javelins and falchions seriously injured all but Avaril before the party put them down. After Xenia distributed some healing, Eilir decided to scale the rope in the room. It led all the way up to the collapsed tower they saw before, where it was still storming violently.

Somewhat battered, the party pressed on. The next hall led to another small chamber, where a big humanoid corpse lay on a stone table. There was also a narrow hall branching off to one side. Investigating the corpse-chamber further, the decaying body suddenly raised its arms and cast a spell, shrouding the whole room in thick fog. Eilir pressed on, followed by Æthelmyr and Xenia, then Avaril. The first three closed in on the spellcasting zombie through the fog. It replied with blasts of flame. The adventurers’ attacks had trouble getting through the zombie’s magically enhanced flesh, and several spells unfortunately failed. As the zombie’s magic ran out, it resorted to more direct means – beating people about the head with a morningstar. This tactic proved effective, as Eilir was struck twice and fell unconscious…

Session 9 Chat Log

October 4, 19:00

Xenia slid past the zombie to stabilize Eilir, but the party continued to have trouble damaging the zombie. Xenia finally managed to turn the undead creature, but as it fled she followed, stumbling to close in the fog and breaking her power over it. The zombie proceeded to club Æthelmyr unconscious. Xenia pulled the dragon-girl back to where Eilir lay, and tried to make a stand with her quarterstaff. The fog cleared, and Avaril was able to bring his own spells into play with some success. He lacked the firepower, however, to fell the monster on his own. He did what he could to bolster Xenia’s defenses while she stabilized Æthelmyr, but the zombie soon took her out as well. Thus Avaril began a tentative dance around the zombie, sniping and stabilizing Xenia. Eventually, he led the zombie on a slow chase, dragging his companions away to recover.

Session 9.5 Chat Log


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