A bone sickle that bears the legacy of a long feud between Orcs and Dragons

weapon (melee)

Base Weapon: +1 White Dragonfang Heavy Sickle

Legacy Abilities

Wielder Level Attack Penalty Save Penalty Hit Point Loss Abilities
5th Resist Energy (1/day, CL 5)
6th 4 +1 Dragonbane White Dragonfang Heavy Sickle
7th Speak and understand Draconic
8th -1 Dragon Hunter feat (Draconomicon p. 104)

Least Legacy Ritual requirements: 2,500 gp in supplies, plus 1 pint of dragon blood


Bob’s Story

“Well, the Tornclaw orc clan calls the sickle you found Bilyeklo – it means Whitefang in Common. It’s sort of their symbol, or emblem, or totem… whatever. Common is confusing, too many words for the same thing. Still, it’s a big deal to them. The way the dragons tell the legends, it was a tooth from the first dragon the original Tornclaw orcs killed. These three brothers went after a white dragon named Xurquar D’WirCivit (I have no idea why they thought THAT was a good idea in the first place), but when they found him, he was way older than they thought. But they were some kind of Orc royalty or something, and were really tough, so they fought for a while. One of them got eaten by D’WirCivit, but took out one of his teeth in the process. The other brothers fled, but took the tooth with them. One of the orcs must have been some kind of mage, because he turned the tooth into a weapon and enchanted it. Apparently, that’s what you’ve got. But anyway, the last brother took it when he was done and tracked the wounded D’WirCivit back to his den. The orc snuck in while he was asleep. D’WirCivit was too big for the orc to strike down in one go, so he took off his front paws. With D’WirCivit hobbled, the gods-forsaken orc just butchered him alive, shredding his wings, hacking off his tail… After D’WirCivit finally died, the orc got his other brother, and together they made off with a great dragon’s horde and turned the other pieces into weapons, armor, and more. They used them to conquer or bribe other small orc tribes, eventually establishing the Tornclaw Orc clan. The Whitefang got passed down from chieftain to chieftain, as they conquered more territory and slew more dragons. Legends say that it still has some of Xurquar D’WirCivit’s power, and others that it stored all the power and skill of the dragon hunters who have used it.”


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