Xenia Oakenheel

Bewildered at her life's current circumstances, Xenia sallies forth to face her demons!



Xenia is short but solidly built, with reddish-brown hair, olive skin and green eyes. Although she is a half elf, and has the characteristics of her race, she takes after her human mother more than her elven father.


Acolyte 1, Cleric 2
HP: 21
AC: 14 Flat-Footed: 13 Touch: 11
FORT: +4 REF: +1 WILL: +6
BAB: +1 Melee: +3 Ranged: +2 Grapple: +3
Init: +1
Xenia’s mother Ylaine is a noted herbalist and midwife in Arenal, and in her youth she traveled widely, learning of new techniques and plants and having adventures. On her travels, she met an elf, Xhalth Oakenheel, whose grace and artistry enchanted her, as her compassion and skill fascinated him. A few years of happy cohabitation led to Xenia, but Xhalth’s elven wanderlust pulled him away from his small, happy home and back to his travels. With her small daughter in tow, Ylaine resettled in Arenal and began to practice her craft. Throughout Xenia’s childhood, Ylaine told stories of the places she’d been, and things she had done, but her stories were tempered with bitterness because of the abrupt end to her carefree life. This bred in Xenia both an illicit longing for travel and adventure, and a fear of it.

From her mother, Xenia learned about plants, healing, and midwifery; and from the other half-elves in Arenal, she learned to revere and worship Ehlonna. Shortly before the drow attack, Xenia had become an acolyte to the temple to Ehlonna in Arenal, where she used her healing gifts, and Ehlonna’s power to heal the poor and ill in Arenal.
Xenia thought she had her life planned out: She was going to live and work in Arenal, serving its citizens and her church. Her hidden dreams of travel and adventure she planned to subvert into her work, or possibly act on by going on safe, small missions of mercy to neighboring towns and cities. Instead, she finds herself traversing the country, fighting drow and other monsters, human and non-human alike, wearing stolen armor and feeling completely overwhelmed. When faced with the realities of her new life, Xenia struggles with the moral decisions that she must make.

Xenia Oakenheel

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