Shelby Martins

Human Priestess of Istus, Former Companion of Traoren


Shelby is a cleric of Istus and a high-ranking member of the Church of Fate. She resides at the temple complex in Sitye, where she serves as both priestess and oracle.


Shelby Martins was once part of the same adventuring party as Master Traoren and a guardian of one of the Legs of Lolth. As a cleric of the Lady Fate, she has been the primary source of lore and guidance on how to stop the Drow from completing the dread purpose of the Legs. It was her consultation with an Air Weird that was the clinching argument for having the party gather the last four Legs.

She did little to assist with training the party for their quest, instead focusing her resources on gathering information on the other four legs, which she continues to do.

Shelby Martins

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