A Human slaver in the service of a Demon Lord


Isadora is a known slaver and rumored witch. The party knows, from experience and investigation, that she does wield a warlock’s power, in service of the Demon Lord Graz’zt, the Dark Prince.


The party’s first encounter with Isadora was coincidental, as she and her thugs attempted to capture travelers for her slave trade. The party was taken, but escaped. The next engagement was deliberate, when Isadora confronted them as they left Arenal. She demanded information about the Drow and their interest in the party before combat ensued and she was driven away. When she fled this fight, she was followed by an unnatural eagle, which the nearby Isaac recognized as a demon’s form. It was his further investigation, with Denzil’s help, that revealed Isadora’s ties to Graz’zt. Just what stake she and her patron have in the affairs of the Legs is still unknown.


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