Weretiger Scout and Companion of Traoren


Isaac is a lycanthrope and an accomplished wilderness scout and hunter. His affliction and bond with nature place him in the favor of Celestian.


Despite having trained the party at combat and survival crafts alongside Master Traoren and traveled with Denzil for a time, the party knows next to nothing about Isaac beyond his skill set and that he was one of the guardians of the Legs of Lolth. Corysan implied once that he is unpredictable and dangerous, but offered no further explanation or opinions.

Isaac set out behind the party when they left Arenal, stalking a girl who tried to secretly follow them, Æthelmyr. When Isadora attacked the party, Isaac recognized her connection to demonic powers, and took Denzil to back him up as he tried to learn more about her interests in the Drow’s activities. Isaac is last known to still be traveling, investigating Isadora’s demonic patrons and their role in current affairs.


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