Eilir Gough

Bloodied but unbowed, Eilir lives to fight another day!


Appearance & Personality

Eilir is fairly tall for a woman and decently strong, with long red hair and deep blue eyes. She carries herself with a confidence that belies her actual fighting skills, which are still rudimentary. There is only so much one can learn and practise in a normally peaceful village. Since beginning her journey, she has also learned to cast spells, though this, too, is usually with minimum effect and plenty of mishaps. Eilir, however, remains bloodied but undaunted, sure she will get better with practise and already finding her skills improving as she travels with her companions.

Eilir is generally even tempered and level headed. She is far from anti-social but prefers not to make a scene or garner much attention, though she will take the lead if the need arises. Her parents taught her to be polite and respectful to everyone, but especially her elders, and she holds a deep respect for scholars as well, due to her time with her mentor. Lately, though, Avaril has been bringing her temper to a boil. Eilir attributes this teetering on the edge of self-control to the stress of her adventures so far and the fact that she can’t simply ignore him like she would if they were back home and not required to work together.

Eilir finally managed to get ahold of some dragon blood to perform the ritual to unlock Bilyeklo’s powers. She and the heavy sickle both gained some new powers. Only time will tell the true potential of the weapon.


Warrior 1/Duskblade 7
HP: 56
AC: 20 Flat-Footed: 18 Touch: 12
FORT: +8 REF: +4 WILL: +6
BAB: +8/ +3 Melee: +11 Ranged: +10 Grapple: +11
Init: +2

Eilir’s father is a member of Arenal’s guard/militia. He taught her rudimentary combat skills with the sword and bow from a fairly young age, since he noticed she liked to pick up sticks and pretend they were swords so she could be like him. As she grew older, she learned to read and also fell in love with books. In her mid-teens, a travelling elven wizard named Hastos Windstar passed through town. Eilir befriended him, and he became a sort of mentor to her. He brought books from his travels, which she pored over in between his visits. She eventually began to ponder adding magic to physical combat and broached this subject to her teacher. On his next visit, he brought her an old elven book on the subject, describing the Duskblade.

Eilir is keeping a journal of her adventures.

Eilir Gough

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