Corysan Illythinan

An elderly Elf wizard who once traveled with Traoren


Corysan was responsible for the spell that revived Traoren and himself after the Drow attacks. Beyond this rare and powerful piece of magic, nothing has been revealed of his capabilities.


Corysan is an old, slightly mad man who lives alone in a tower just concealed by the foothills from the main trade highway, where he used to protect one of the Legs of Lolth. He is friendly, if forceful, and no less mysterious than Traoren. He, along with Traoren, taught the party the basic principles of many of their magical and supernatural abilities during the months between their first adventure and their departure to collect the remaining Legs.

To the party’s most current knowledge, he is still spending most of his time in his tower researching and managing communications among Traoren’s party.

Corysan Illythinan

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