Æthelmyr Leightover

Æthelmyr is a young, overly friendly half-dragon who is super excited to be adventuring!



Æthelmyr is 22 years old, though immature at that age due to her draconic heritage. She is a very slight 5’2", with silver hair and grayish skin that has recently taken on a metallic sheen. She might be mistaken for a drow, if not for her wings and tail. She is overly friendly, and known to talk about whatever happens to be on her mind, which these days usually tends to be either dragons or drow. She enjoys playing tricks on people, though she’s not usually malicious in her pranking, as well as new experiences of any kind, even those as mundane as sampling a new dish or reading a new book.


Beguiler 6
HP: 53
AC: 20 Flat-Footed: 16 Touch: 14
FORT: +5 REF: +5 WILL: +5
STR: 15 DEX: 20 CON: 18
INT: 20 WIS: 12 CHA: 14
BAB: +3 Melee: +5 Ranged: +8 Grapple: +5
Init: +5


Dragon Wings Your draconic ancestry manifests as a pair of wings that aid your jumps and allow you to glide.
Dragon Tail Your draconic ancestry manifests as a muscular tail you can use in combat.
Dragontouched You have a trace of draconic power, a result of dragons in your ancestry or a spiritual connection between you and the forces of dragonkind.
Draconic Heritage You have greater connection with your draconic bloodline than others of your kind.
Draconic Knowledge Your draconic blood lets you access ancient draconic knowledge.
Versatile Spellcaster You can use two lower-level spell slots to cast a spell one level higher.
Silent Spell You can cast spells silently.
Improved Dragon Wings Your draconic wings now grant you flight.


Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3


According to family tradition, the Leightovers originally hailed from the southern coastlands, where they labored in obscurity until the warring aristocracies that controlled the continent established the Long Truce between the northern humans and the peoples of the southern forests and plains. Thereafter, the Leightovers rose to prominence trading foodstuffs and spices from the north for imported dwarven crafts and orcish furs from the southlands, but the family truly found its niche when Uthren Leightover monopolized the usury business in Farnholme. Years ago, Uthren’s great-great-grandaughter Talitha Leightover moved inland with her parents to the great trading city of Resdern to expand the family’s interests into the continental trade routes over the mountains. It was in Resdern that Talitha met the silver dragon Noachothokent, disguised as a human, who had become greatly intrigued by the success that usurers had in making their assets multiply as if by magic. Together, they conceived a child, but Noachothokent left before she was born. Talitha named the child Æthelmyr, and never told her anything of her father until she manifested draconic features later in life. Æthelmyr still knows little about her heritage beyond her father’s name.

At first, Æthelmyr seemed to mature rapidly, and she was using simple sentences before many of her peers could even speak. As she aged, however, many noticed how slowly she seemed to grow compared to other children, despite her obvious intellect. Æthelmyr made up for her deficiencies with uncanny strength and an incorrigible inquisitiveness, prompting numerous comparisons to halflings and half-orcs, often within the same breath. Æthelmyr developed a reputation as a rambunctious and precocious young girl, occasionally picking fights with children years older than herself, and she became a common feature of Resdern’s markets, investigating the wares and cultures of all Taragin while her mother attempted to balance her business obligations with Æthelmyr’s needs. When Æthelmyr began teaching herself magic as a means to explore a whole new world of tomfoolery, Talitha finally decided to move to Arenal, where she would could devote more attention to her daughter’s unique situation.

In Arenal, Æthelmyr appointed the wise old half-elf Traoren as her mentor, in which capacity he was less than successful. Æthelmyr paid little heed to his wisdom, and Traoren could do little for her increasing magical abilities, but she counted him a great friend regardless (Traoren likely held a different opinion on the matter). Talitha became increasingly frustrated by the matter of Æthelmyr’s heritage, complicated enormously by her growing wings and tail, and darkening skin. Hoping to shield her daughter from the persecutions to which half-dragons are often subjected, Talitha imposed strict controls over Æthelmyr’s social life, but Æthelmyr chafed at the restrictions and Talitha hated to shut her off from the world. The recent drow attack finally allowed Æthelmyr to convince her mother that the best way to protect herself would be to discover more of her heritage. Æthelmyr did not mention that she also desired to bring the drow aggressors to justice. After several exhaustive weeks training and preparing, she asked Traoren for guidance, and learned of the small party tasked with recovering the Legs of Lolth. Æthelmyr took it upon herself to follow the group, though Traoren sent his old companion Isaac to keep an eye on her.


Æthelmyr keeps a diary.

Æthelmyr Leightover

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