The Legs of Lolth

Water and Wood

A tramp through the woods

After spending a night in Corysan Illythinan’s tower, the party was sent by the old wizard to a nearby Xeph village with trade goods, so that they might supply themselves appropriately for the rest of their journey. Corysan knew of a water elemental haunting a stream along the way, but otherwise the route should be clear.

The elemental was at the stream, just as expected, and the party handled it without too much concern. A bit further along their way, they were ambushed by a pair of humanoid plant-creatures. Their claw-like thorns poisoned Denzil, draining his strength, but the two plants were quickly struck down. The team then continued onward to the Xeph village without further incident.

In the village, the party was welcomed. They turned over the goods Corysan sent with them, and proceeded to look around and see what they needed in exchange.

Session 2 Chat Log



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