The Legs of Lolth

Session 18

The Fey Glacier

After spending the night in a cave, the party heads onward, always westward toward the desert. By midday, they come across a stream that flows into a glacier lake. Bob balks, informing the party that the glacier ahead is reportedly inhabited by winter fey. After discussing whether or not to follow the glacier or backtrack to find a different way, the party decides to take the most direct route and brave the ice. Bob chooses to fly ahead, as he does no like the cold and would rather not get involved with any fey.

As the party nears the glacier, they come across three beautiful women bathing in the lake. After Æthelmyr informs them of the party’s mission, the women instead invite the group to stay with them for a while. Eilir refuses, but Avaril tries to change her mind. The women decide that they would be happy with just Avaril staying. Eilir counters by offering to pay for a whore at the next town, and he happily comes along. Incensed, the rusalki attack. First they sing to attempt to enchant Avaril, but the song has no effect. Combat ensues. Eilir downs one with an arrow, while Xenia casts a spell and Æthelmyr slashes with her claws at a second. The wounded Rusalka grabs her dying comrade and disappears beneath the water. The remaining woman tries to stab at Æthelmyr before retreating as well.

The party continues onward and finally reach the glacier itself. Eilir produces a grappling hook and rope from her bag, which the group uses to scale the side of the ice sheet so they can proceed atop it. The glacier is peppered with lumps of grey fluff. On approaching one, Eilir feels a biting cold and is forced to withdraw. Æthelmyr becomes increasingly paranoid, claiming to see something humanoid following them. Suddenly, they are attacked by what appear to be spirit animals. Eilir’s magic sickle is the only weapon that does not simply go through them, but the others have spells at their disposal that seem to work just fine. After quite a while of attempting to fend off the animals, Xenia finally sends the badger running in fear, while Æthelmyr and Eilir manage to subdue the wolf and raven by putting them to sleep then attacking them with the magic sickle.

Relieved to be rid of their assailants, the party continues onward toward an ice fall up ahead. As they approach, they see the entrance to a cave carved out of the ice fall. They decide to check out the cave before tackling the ice fall. Inside, they find a beautiful, dark-haired woman and a portly, green-skinned man. When Eilir calls out to them, the man disappears into a pool of water, and the Yuki-onna attacks. Eilir fires an arrow at her but misses. The woman retaliates by paralysing her attacker. During the battle, the badger returns to assist its master. Avaril summons his own servant, a bugbear zombie, to great effect. After some struggle with the incorporeal badger, the group manages to subdue the Yuki-onna and her pet. They loot the cave and return to the ice fall outside.

After several failed attempts at climing up just part of the ice fall, Xenia finally reaches a ledge and spies an easier route nearby. The group proceeds onward in search of Bob. Æthelmyr contines to worry about whatever is following her, complaining that it is now talking to her, though anything it says is unintelligible.

Session 18 Chat Log



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