The Legs of Lolth

from "The Legs of Lolth: Book II"

The Dragon Bob

Once more they made their way westward,
but soon the wizard could be heard
to whisper about a hidden watcher,
a dragon following with skin of copper.
It stood upon some higher ground
then quickly did it leap and bound
toward them as they made their way,
and Æthelmyr began to say
good greetings to the dragon
in their own common tongue.

Yet for the sake of her companions
the dragon did then speak in Common
and told of kobolds who’d taken flight
from Duvik’s Pass the previous night
and warned him of a tribe of orcs
who hunted dragons all for sport.
The copper dragon was afraid
that he would caught and flayed,
but with the help of these brave four
he might yet survive his flight.

The dragon proved one small and young,
but power and cleverness were his own.
He had a plan to fight these orcs,
but he needed their help of course.
When asked a name, he quick refused
because his name was rarely used
in Common, so Bob he was then called
by Æthelmyr and then by all,
for Bob is a good Common name
and easy to remember.

So all proceeded onward to
a small ravine where Bob knew
the orcish tribe would come and fight
but would not at first realise their plight,
for hidden ’tween some rocks nearby
our four adventurers would lie
in wait, and then to aid the dragon
they would mount fierce attack on
the orcs, who would be quite surprised
that Bob had found new aid.

Eleven orcs Bob brought then,
lured them to the small ravine
and fought full fierce against the tribe
who hunted him for his shining hide.
Behind the hunters lurked our troupe.
Æthelmyr first broke the group.
With rapier and claws she ripped and tore
and beat one of these orcs full sore.
Next Avaril did summon up
a skeleton from who knows where.

Bob’s breath blew through the orcish ranks
and covered all from front to flanks.
The orcs were Slowed by this attack,
and Eilir moved to beat them back
to whence they came with newfound weapon
she acquired from Jakka in the cave before.
“Bilyeklo!” the orcs did cry,
and one did flee to by and by
take message to their chief, it seems
to tell of Jakka’s death.

The fight raged on, and all the orcs
did fall to wing, claw, spell and sword
and quarterstaff, for Xenia, too,
did fall upon those foul orcs who
she found within her reach when she
was not healing the other three.
Avaril did find himself
beset upon and quickly fell,
but Xenia dragged him away,
and so he yet did live.

When finally all orcs were dead,
and those who weren’t had quickly fled,
the spoils were piled and sorted high,
and Eilir learned the sickle’s story.
Bilyeklo, White Fang, Aussirjesk,
all names were of the genesis
of this orcish hunting clan
who hunted dragons in their lands.
And Bob, while sickened, was relieved
to see Bilyeklo in friendly hands.

The bodies plundered and left to rot,
they wakened Avaril and off did walk
to find a place to camp that night
away from the orcs’ wand’ring sight,
for surely our group would be sought
for Bilyeklo and for ought
they did to wound the orc tribe’s pride
by robbing them of Bob’s copper hide.
So Bob did search for a cave
and found one close at hand.

Out from the entrance there did run
three centipedes, full four feet long!
These quickly dispatched, the party found
Bob in the cave safe and sound,
settled and eating happily
of the bugs who’d failed to flee.
And so the party spent the night
within this cave and out of sight.
Next morning they would continue
westward toward the desert.

Session 16 Chat Log
Session 17 Chat Log



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