The Legs of Lolth

from "The Legs of Lolth: Book II"

The Demon in the Mine

The kobolds lowered their weapons all,
and our heroes retreated to the hall
which led back to the surface world
where once outside they surely could
see to their many wounds and all,
except the wizard Avaril,
who watching was content to stay
back from the battle, far away.
And so they all continued on,
back out into the sunlight.

But lo! No more than an hour had passed
since they went through that portal last.
And so each sat to spend the day
in leisure, and thus they whiled away
the hours ’til full night came on,
and then they slept soundly ’til dawn.
But dawning sun brought something new,
a fever, yea, and nausea too
For poor Eilir and Æthelmyr
had caught the curséd plague.

Eilir cast her qualms aside,
and Æthelmyr back in did guide
the party, back to that front room
which was first within the gloom
of the mine, wherein the kobolds sat
and waited to further form the pact
which Æthelmyr had offered forth
whilst the last day’s battle’d run its course.
And off she went alone to speak
to Meedok and his kobold clan.

The kobolds did allow them then
to carry on through to the den
of the demon which caused the curse,
and off they went to reimburse
whatever lurked within the darkness
for causing the plague and, thusly, this mess.
Yet demon they did not believe
to have caused the town to grieve,
but what else would create a sickness
which afflicted all within the mines?

Through dark stone tunnles down they went,
until they came to a pit rent
into the floor of one small chamber,
and within held some dismembered
corpses, which, in fungi’s light
did scramble up and start to fight
with our great heroes, well surprised,
but wary that the dead may rise,
so while they fought with sword and claw,
Cleric Xenia did turn them all.

The corpses sent back to their rest,
those afflicted did their best
to push on forth, despite the plague,
though their fevers still did rage.
And then within the dark and murk,
they found that “demon” which did lurk
beside the spring in the farthest part
of the mines, according to their chart.
But of any demon there was no sign,
just an Orc woman wating there.

She first sent forth a spider which
swiftly Eilir did dispatch
with sword and spell quite handily,
but that was all the luck she’d see,
for she then was Baned, and then was Held,
and the orc woman would not be felled.
But Xenia, Æthelmyr and Avaril
did quickly move in for the kill.
But wounded, the orc did run away
around the spring, for to escape.

But Eilir broke the magic hold
and traded sword and shield for bow,
which sent an arrow straight and true
and nearly the orc woman slew,
but yet she breathed, though bled and bled,
and Avaril, wanting her dead,
did kick her, until he was stopped
by Eilir, who sincerely hoped
the orc would tell them all she knew
of stopping the plague and its ravaging.

So rope was brought and tied around
the orc woman as she lay on the ground.
Xenia brought her full awake,
and loudly in orcish she spake.
Awed and startled when she heard,
Eilir found she knew every word.
The ring from the sarcophagus
for the wearer translated orcish.
And so Eilir demanded from the orc
the cure for the awful plague.

Later Eilir told them all
the orcish lady was appalled
by their weakness in the eyes of Gruumsh,
and so refused to grant their wish.
So Eilir knocked her out again,
and Avaril set upon her then.
And that was the end of the “demon” there
who had caused the kobolds much grief and fear.
But still one problem yet remained:
the kobolds still called the mines their home.

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