The Legs of Lolth

Friends New and Old, and a Journey Through the Desert

Their harrowing journey across the mountains over at last, our intrepid heroes (excepting Avaril) spent the evening relaxing and enjoying the hard-earned comforts provided by a local inn. The next morning, Xenia prayed to Ehlona and was intrigued by instructions to seek out the goddess before crossing the desert. Her confusion did not last long, for as the party left the inn to locate Avaril, they came across a gigantic mountain nomad, a Goliath called Bo-Taar, who offered to accompany them to the Shrine of the Lady of the Oasis, a day’s journey into the desert. After assuaging Æthelmyr’s suspicions, the party recovered Avaril, and made their way into the desert.

The journey was hot and dry, but our heroes traveled straight for their destination until they were waylaid by a number of drow, including a certain Sorceress. As the drow cast magical darkness to hide themselves from sight, the Sorceress drew a wand and fired several shots of Acid Splash at the party. Each group had difficulty landing meaningful blows in the murk, but skill told in the end, as Eilir, Æthelmyr, and an enraged Bo-Taar each killed two of their attackers. The Sorceress, though suffering from one of Xenia’s Sound Burst spells and under attack by a zombie summoned by Avaril, managed to retreat, leaving the party to continue on their way.

Soon, the adventurer’s reached the Shrine of the Lady of the Oasis and met Sarshan, the cleric presiding. Sarshan welcomed the party and directed them to a familiar ranger, Denzil, who had recently arrived at the shrine and was waiting for his long-lost companions. As Æthelmyr filled Denzil in on the adventures they’d been through, Sarshan informed Xenia of troubling developments in nearby oases, and appealed to her for help.

Session 21 Chat Log



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