The Legs of Lolth

Different Perspectives on the Continuing Adventure

Report on the Movements of the Intruders

Once the intruders defeated the guard, I had no other option but to confront them personally. They were surprised and dismayed when I approached them, being severely injured while fighting the guard. Upon questioning their intentions and reasons for entering the city, the intruders dissembled, and mentioned the name ‘Isadora’, and I determined to bring them to the city for interrogation. Though resistant at first, they responded to threats. The intruders gave their names freely when asked.

At this time, the Elders’ messenger, who had followed me through the gate, informed me of the request made by the Dark Prince Graz’zt that the intruders be treated as ambassadors to the city. The ambassadors (as the intruders shall be named for the remainder of this report) had no desire to take advantage of our hospitality at this time, and instead chose to recover for their wounds not far from the gate. One of them, expressing interest in such matters, closely studied the remains of the ritual that had opened the gate to our city. The ambassadors rested for some time, explored the ruins beyond the gate, but then returned to question me about the nature of the Dark Prince Graz’zt and his patronage. Not being party to such matters, I could not answer, and the ambassadors departed.

From the Song of the Xelcit Thri-Kreen

The Water-saviors left the City of Death;
They met the drow called Arda;
They fought her monstrous creation.
They defeated the wasp-man, Arda fled;
They returned to the Shrine
Of the Lady of the Oasis.

The Water-saviors spoke to Giant Sarshan;
They sought to cross the desert;
They recovered from their trials;
Ptek-chak made the Offer of Water;
The Water-saviors agreed
To accompany the Xelcit.

The Xelcit travelled through the desert;
The drow called Arda found them;
She challenged the Water-saviors to combat;
Not a Half-Golem did they fight,
But a Half-Human monster;
They easily triumphed.

The Water-saviors impressed the Xelcit Thri-Kreen;
They showed much honor in combat;
The Xelcit offered more;
If the Water-saviors endured the trial,
The Xelcit would name them
Part of the tribe.

Session 26 Chat Log



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